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  • pixelmix

    Hmm, this is a toughie. Can’t remember what I had before the M-Trax, but I’ve had:-

    M-Trax Titanium rigid thing – Crazy light, and pedalled all over the Pentlands whilst I was a teenager, after being passed down from my Dad
    Trek 4300 2003 (with silly heavy RLT forks)
    Trek 6500 2005 (to replace the 4300, which was subsequently demoted to commuting)
    Specialized Epic Expert 2008 (to replace the 6500, which was subsequently demoted to commuting)
    On-One Scandal (built with bits from the Epic, as I thought a hardtail would require less maintenance)
    Giant Anthem X2 2010 (current bike, after deciding that full-sussers are quite nice after all)
    On-One Inbred singlespeed (current bike, to save some wear n tear from the full susser)

    Ho hum

    I have only owned 2:

    I bought a Kona Lanai 4 years ago and then bought a second-hand Cotic Soul around Christmas time for my 40th birthday.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    better than a boring old car thread and I have a longer list 🙂
    91ish emmelle californian – broke first day, warranty replacement was stolen
    93ish Kirk revolution – stolen
    94 Kona Lava dome – broke after 10+ years
    94 townsend cheapo something – uni hack bike, stolen
    97 GF Montare – nice, broke, warranty replacement frame was…
    00 GF supercaliber – nice light broke after 8yrs or so
    03 SC Heckler – flinkin excellent still running in a burly manner.
    04 OO inbred – v.good recently retired may be built as a hack bike soon
    07 RM etsx 70 – v.good currently doing xc duties
    07ish – SH Kinesis xc 120 – chuckable+light=broke
    10 Ragley Mmmbop – to replace the xc120, not bad so far
    11 OO c456 – mmmmm ss lightness.

    Fairly short list for me..

    – Mongoose Rockadile of some description, circa 2003
    – GT Avalanche 0.0
    – Mongoose Black Diamond – the bike that really got me into it
    – Kona Pahoehoe, in various guises
    – Evil Sovereign in full Alpine destruction build

    I see big bouncy things in the future, but I’ll be keeping hold of the Evil…


    not many in 20 years of mtbing …

    91 raleigh yukon – 520 frame, 200gs groupset, biopace chainrings

    94 marin indian fire trail – used for 1st mtb race in ’95 and first road century in ’05
    05 trek fuel 80
    10 giant anthem x3

    Raleigh Striker
    Raleigh Grifter (red, glittery logo, stolen, sniff!)
    No name road bike
    Specialized Stumpjumper (fully rigid)
    Diamondback Axis (fully rigid, upgraded to Bombers)
    Specialized Allez Sport road bike (still in use)
    100 ton old tandem (skipped)
    Cannondale Super V900 (some maniac paid £200 for it 3 years ago)
    Giant Anthem 2

    That’s it.


    00 GF supercaliber – nice light broke after 8yrs or so

    D0NK, did you get a replacement frame? I’m sure GF frames have a lifetime guarantee.


    1991 Giant Coldrock – nicked
    1995 Orange P7 – still got it
    1996 Specialized S-works M2 – sold to fund flight from oz to UK
    2000 Specialized stumpjumper FSR = sold as i didnt like it
    2001 Litespeed – sold as it was a bit too big for me really.
    2006 Pace RC303 – given away
    2008 to now – Orange P7


    GT avalanche -1990
    Marin Indian Fire Trail -1993
    Klein Adroit Pro – 1999
    Marin Mount Vision – 2000
    Cannondale Raven – 2001
    Cannondale Jekyll – 2003
    Marin Attack trail- 2004
    Klein Attitude – 2006
    Marin Team Titanium – 2007
    Yeti 575 – 2007
    Airborne Lancaster – 2007
    Van Nicholas Zion – 2008
    Orange E8 – 2008
    Maverick ML7/5 – 2008
    Cove Handjob – 2009
    Van Nicholas Mamtor – 2009
    Ellsworth Epiphany – 2010


    1989 Raleigh USA Technium Chill
    1991 Kona Cindercone
    1993 Kona Lava Dome
    1996-ish Kona Hei_Hei
    2004 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR
    2006ish Sanderson Breath
    2007 Yeti 575
    2007 On One Inbred 853 (still got)
    2008 On One inbred DN6 SS
    2009 Specialized Pitch (still got)
    19922 Kona Cindercone, retro SS (Still got)
    2011 On One Carbon 456 (still got)
    2006-ish Specialized Hardrock (Just bought for £50 as a project bike)

    So mostly Specialized, On One and Kona then!

    Premier Icon lunge

    For someone who has been riding mountain bikes for 20 years my list is fairly short:
    Emmelle Laser – Everything was worn out so replaced with a…
    Trek 930 – Frame broke and replaced under warranty by a…
    Trek 920 – Loved this bike bike but again the frame broke so replaced under warranty by a…
    Trek 4500 – Fairly uninspiring frame but solid enough and now ridden by my dad as I wanted a…
    Orange P7 – The bike I had wanted since I was 14, it is wonderful, I love it, howeever I fancied something else in the garage so bought a…
    Planet-X Jack Flash – Initially built with light kit as a steetbike/big BMX but now has big forks and brakes and is my downhill hardtail


    Muddyfox – Cannot remeber model
    Peugot – Again no idea of model
    Marin Muirwoods – 1991
    Marin Muirwoods – 1992
    Marin Bear Valley – 1994
    GT Zaskar – 1997
    Yeti kokopelli – 1998
    Cove Handjob – 2005
    Yeti 575 – 2006
    On One inbred 2006


    raleigh singlespeed
    rather big gap
    Giant Terrago, now a mates gf horse bike
    Univega 509
    Marin MV round tube, now a mates wifes bike
    Orange 5
    Orange 5

    Premier Icon edd

    Unknown steel fully rigid: Mid ’95 to Dec ’96 (GBP 10) – given away
    Slightly better unknown steel hardtail: Dec ’96 to Dec ’97 – sold
    Alpinestars Alloy hardtail: Dec ’97 to Feb ’98 – stolen
    Cannondale M900: Feb ’98 to July ’05 – sold
    Santa Cruz Blur: June ’03 to Oct ’03 – bought for a season in the Alps then sold
    Intense Uzzi XC (yes really): March ’04 to June ’04 – stolen
    Airborne Lancaster: Sept ’04 to Sept ’08 – cracked
    Independent Fabrication steel Deluxe: Dec ’08 onwards
    Orange Alpine 160: June ’10 onwards

    That’s 9 bikes in 16 years of riding.

    Premier Icon debaser

    Raleigh Mustang – Overbuilt and unwieldy but huge amounts of fun.

    Dawes Kickback – LX bits, toeclips, biopace rings and came with purple bar ends as standard.

    Giant XTC SE – After a few years not riding, my first bike with disc brakes, suspension forks and clipless pedals. What a difference.

    On One 456 Summer Season – Overbuilt and unwieldy but huge amounts of fun 🙂


    marin rift zone (still have with slicks on it)
    scott strike (dead)
    scott spark (current)

    3 bikes in 14(?) years but the current one should do another 5.


    Way too many to list or remember (some to forget too)


    Following on for the what car thread, I thought I’d start one for mountain bikes. I’ve included what I’ve owned since I got back into riding as TBH I can’t remember exact the make and model of old stuff.


    1996 GT RTS
    1998 GT LTS 2000DS – with Rock Shox Judy XL triple clamp forks! I thought I was Mike King or Steve Peat on this!
    1998 Specialized Stumpjumper M2
    1999 GT Zaskar – custom build with LX. Mavic 521 rims and Rock Shox Judy 100 forks. Wish I still had it.
    2002 Santa Cruz Superlite – LX/XT, Hope XC4’s, Rockshox Dukes, Easton finishing kit. Now my dad’s bike.


    2000 Gary Fisher Supercailiber – Ex magazine review bike, bought cheaply direct from Trek when I worked in a bike shop. Full XTR, Manitou Mars Carbon or Marzocchi Marathon forks. Approx 22lbs. Fast but a bone shaker, XTR V-brakes don’t seem as good as they used to!
    2004 Intense Tracer – Fox Float 130 forks, LX/XTR, Hope Mono Minis, Gold Pro Taper bars! Still rides really well, much tricker than the Specialised FSRs that donated the four bar rear suspension design.
    1998 Intense Uzzi SL – frame only at the moment, most bits went on the Tracer. Was my dream bike, but the bottom bracket always seemed too high to me.
    1999 GT I-drive 1000 – In bits at the moment.
    2005 Kona Kula – Easton Ultralight frame, Fox Vanilla forks, Hope X2. Light and responsive, doesn’t beat you up as much as older alloy frames, it’s my main bike for the winter.
    2008 Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC 50 – Stock build with Fox Float 36’s, SRAM X9, Race Face and Avid bits. Absolutely fantastic 6″ travel bike, pedal well and only feels heavy when lifting it over things. The maple leaf red and white paint job is too nice to scratch so doesn’t see much mud!

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Various grandad sit up and beg bikes ridden over the downs before I got my first mtb
    91 Saracen Killi Ultra Flyer Comp Race Pro with Magura rim brakes
    92 Marin Bear Valley – upgraded from rapidfire to rapidfire plus shifters!
    93 Specialized Stumpjumper with syncros pace and cooks brothers
    94 Mountain Cycle San Andreas with prostops etc
    95 Specialized Stumpjumper M2 with Manitou 2s
    96 Verlicchi
    98 Klein Rascal with RS Judys
    03 Cove Stiffee with Marzocchis
    06 Giant AC1 Marzocchis
    08 Giant Reign RS Revs
    10 Ragley mmmBop RS Revs
    10 Specialized Pitch RS Pike

    Favourite bikes from all those would have to be the Pitch, Klein and Stumpjumper.

    I think the Mountain Cycle is probably the most advanced in its time bike I’ve ever owned. No one had anything like it and its a shame that suspension technology wasn’t able to match the frame’s abilities.

    Current bikes are Pitch and retro steel 94 Stumpjumper and Cotic Roadrat.

    91 Alpinstars cro-mega DX

    Orange Sub Zero
    On one 456
    BMC Elite HT
    On one inbred (slidey drop)

    plus road, cx and bmx’s

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    In no particular order

    Ones gone but not forgotten:

    ➡ 1984 Saracen

    ➡ 1989 Ridgeback

    ➡ 1991 Peugeot Black Mamba

    ➡ 1994 Kona Kilauea

    ➡ 1994 GT RTS 1

    ➡ 1994 Clark Kent Cromag

    ➡ 1997 Kona Hei Hei

    ➡ 1997 DMR Trial Star:

    ➡ 1998 Saracen Kili

    ➡ 1998 Kona Lava Dome

    ➡ 1999 Saracen Kili

    ➡ 2007 GT Peace Fixie Experiment

    ➡ 2008 Voodoo Canzo

    ➡ 2010 Singular Swift:

    ➡ 2010 Pipedream Sirius:

    Then there were those that never got built up

    ➡ GT LTS

    ➡ Carerra:

    ➡ Specialized Rockhopper

    ➡ Spooky MetalHead

    Current bikes:

    ➡ 1993 Diamond Back Axis Pro

    ➡ 1994 Muddy Fox

    ➡ Confused Kona:

    ➡ 2010 Cotic Soul

    Phew 😆

    Wont go into those new ones awaiting to be built!

    Can remember the exact year but roughly in chronological order:

    Raleigh Lizard
    Marin Nail Trail
    Marin Rocky Ridge
    Marin Mount Vision
    Whyte PRST1
    Kinesis Maxlight HT
    Kona Lava Dome (still own)
    Santa Cruz Superlight
    Specialized Enduro (the ’05 one)
    Specialized RockHopper
    Specialized Stumpjumper
    Turner 5 Spot
    Cotic Soul (still own)
    Orange 5 (still own)
    Another Santa Cruz Superlight (still own)
    Norco A Line DH bike (still own)

    All but the Lizard, Nail Trail and the Stumpjumper have been built up from frame only.


    First: Saracen Kili Comp
    Pro Flex Beast
    Specialized Stumpy Comp
    Cove Handjob
    Cove Stiffer 4x
    Kona Stinky
    Santa Cruz VP Free
    Orange Patriot 66 FR
    Scott Ransom
    Orange 224
    Commencal Supreme
    Orange Patriot 66 (Frame only)
    Commencal Meta 6 (Frame only)
    Kona Ziong Road bike
    Felt Compulsion (Frame only)
    and now…finally, after all this time and money. One to Rule them ALL
    Specialized S-Works Carbon Enduro (Frame only)
    Only 2 bikes in the garage now. MTB and Road.

    Jesus…thats a great Coke habit I could have had!


    Started with a
    00 trek 7000
    and then a 08 Cove Handjob

    and that’s it

    Premier Icon ChrisL

    Raleigh Bomber 5-speed (not an MTB but looked a bit like one)
    Raleigh Highlander

    2000 Marin Bolinas Ridge (sold to a mate who commutes on it)
    2002 Rocky Mountain Elevation (still owned, now a singlespeed and rarely ridden)
    2003 Rocky Mountain ETS-X30 (sold and heard later that it snapped in the same way that they all did)
    Cotic Soul v2 (sold to one mate, who sold it to another mate, who eventually sold it to a stranger)
    Pace RC303 (cracked at the seat tube/top tube brace weld)
    On-One Scandal (late model Scandium frame, I think, sold to a mate who stuck a hub gear on it and uses it for touring)
    Pace RC305 (warranty replacement for the RC303, never built up before selling it to someone on the classifieds)
    2007 Orange 5 Pro (sold last year to someone on the classifieds)
    2007 Giant Anthem 1
    Santa Cruz Chameleon (EBB type)
    Ibis Mojo SL

    That’s quite a few bikes for barely over a decade of (adult) riding!


    Well i’ve not had as many as some people on here , first up

    Peugeot ranger 10spd Late 80’s
    Pro bike Centaur early-mid 90’s
    Trek 820 00’s
    Saracen dirttrax 2003?
    Giant VT2 05
    Specialized pitch pro 09
    Specialized enduro 11 ( and a kona blast 09)

    some random steel frame which we didn’t know what it was (looked something like an alpinestar or muddy fox)
    marin pine mountain – 2003
    solitude custom 853 – 2006 (still main bike)
    on one inbred 29 SS
    soma juice 29er SS
    kona A SS (for sale)
    kona kula 29 SS (race bike)
    pinnacle cross (er, CX)
    couple of road bikes

    think thats it. solitude will remain with me for a loooong time. mebbe get a FS one day too


    Feeling old now (Dates are when I got them)

    1987 Specialised Stumpjumper
    1990 MS Racing Comp XT (still have it as a SS)
    1994 Merlin UK WCS with LX & XT
    1999 Ribble R8 (853 & XT) stolen
    2005 Cove Handjob (still have it)

    I don’t change bikes very often anyway


    claud butler something or other
    edinburgh bikes contour 300
    iron horse flagstaff – snapped
    Emmelle Cheetah (cheap paperround bike bought for 15 quid) – heavy as owt but i beat shit out of it ! and it kept going – think i eventually skipped it
    marin b17 – snapped
    specialized hardrock – still got it at my parents
    coyote dh3 – frame replacement of the b17
    Dmr trailstar – snapped
    Dawes oxide
    Mr Big st10 – snapped
    kona mcrae (skip rescue SS conversion)
    santa cruz heckler – to replace the dawes
    gary fisher rig to replace the kona
    sold all but the rig ….. bought a kona jake in nz

    came back

    merida flx3000
    Thorn raven enduro rohloff
    ragley td-1 (with the bits off the thorn)
    Sandman Gobi SS

    and thats my current crop acrued over 15 years – all get regular use except the merida as ive not been racing. – most fun and most used atm – sandman gobi 😀

    Marin Bolinas Ridge 98 (still have the frame and forks)
    Marin Nail Trail 00
    “Brand X” alloy frame
    DMR Trailstar mk2
    DMR Trailstar mk2
    DMR Trailstar mk2
    Orange Patriot LT 05
    Fly Pantera BMX 05 (still have this)
    Specialized Supercross 03
    Dialled Alpine mk1
    Cotic BFe mk2 (still have)
    Fort road bike
    Planet X Carbon superlight (still have)

    Trek 800
    Marin Palisades Trail
    Scott Octane FXpro
    Trek 1000 Road*
    On-one Inbred S/S*

    *Still have

    Only been into it for a few years, had a spec myka expert as my first real mountain bike.

    The built up an Inbred (now ss), and just finished my Scandal.

    Have an itching for a full susser amongst other things, but have no real need for it and need to save up some money!

    Premier Icon Alex

    Oh. My. God.

    That’s till 2007, don’t have any of those anymore obviously. But at least I’ve slowed down a bit!


    Kona lavadome
    GT I drive 5.0
    Kona Coiler
    Kona Caldera
    Stumpy HT
    Zesty 314


    87 Tufftrax
    88 Rockhopper Comp
    89 Sumpjumper Comp
    90 Etumpumper Epic
    92 Fisher Prometheus (still got it)
    95 FSR
    Various Giants: early full suss, 2 ally hardtail and an AC
    00 Ibis Mojo
    Marin ful suss
    Trek Fuel
    Heckler x 2
    Jamis jump bike111
    Shand steel
    brandless prestige thing (broke it)
    DB Alpine

    I’ve probably forgot a few…

    1988 dawes ascent 1992 marin eldridge grade 1994 specialized stumpjumper m2 2002 cannondale f 800 2005 mongoose fireball 2007 specialized stumpjumper fsr comp swapped components from the fsr comp to a 2008 specialized s works carbon ht frame 2010 specialized stumpjumper fsr comp (140 mm travel one) 2010 giant anthem x2 which is my current ride (and the best bike i have owned so far 😀

    Premier Icon whippersnapper

    ’93 Kona Lavadome
    ’95 Kona Explosif*
    ’02ish SC Chameleon
    ’05ish SC Chameleon*
    ’08ish One One Ti 456*

    *still have, still make me smile

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    approx 1988 – 1990

    Muddy Fox Courier
    Spesh Rockhopper

    big gap 😀

    2008 on

    Merlin Malt 1
    Carrera Zelos
    Scott Genius Mc40
    Lapierre Zesty 314 (my current F/S)
    One One 456 (My current HT)


    Couple of cheap Emmelle and British Eagles
    Early 90s Claude Butler
    1998 Raleigh M-Trax 150
    1996 GT Zaskar LE
    2000 Cannondale Super V 1000
    2002 GT LTS 2000
    mid 2000s Dawes Edge SS
    2003 Specialized Stumpjumped HT M2
    2006 Giant Reign 2
    2005 Specialized Stumpjumped HT M4
    2005 Iron Horse Mkiii
    2004 Cannondale V10
    ???? On One Inbred 456
    2006 Turner 5 Spot


    88 Emmelle Dolomite
    93 Clauld Butler
    97 Specialized Rockhopper Comp FS
    2001 – Marin Rock Springs
    2005 – Cannondale Prophet
    2005 SWORKS HT
    2006 Dialled Bikes PA
    2006 Giant Trance
    2006 Turner RFX
    2007 Cove Handjob
    2008 Cove Stiffee

    I think that’s it. A few didn’t even get built up before being sold on, such is the fickle nature of bike buying.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    D0NK, did you get a replacement frame? I’m sure GF frames have a lifetime guarantee.

    Bugger! no I didn’t. I was retiring it anyway so didn’t really think about it. Respect to GF the montare had a hard life, running bigger forks than I should and they upgraded it when it broke, I then abused the supercaliber in a similar manner for years, then a few more years commute duty, all this from lightweight xc frames. I got my moneys worth I reckon. Both frames cracked too, no catastrophic failures.

    Oh yeah and I completely forgot a brief dalliance with a merlin (see also CRC brandX) jump/slalom frame, silly small, great for hops/drops but too small to pedal, now used by a less tall mate for SSing.


    Emmelle something or other, first mountain bike brought in 1987, was stolen and replaced with:

    Raleigh Montage
    Spesh stumpjumper (steel)
    GT Avalanche (steel)
    GT Zaskar LE
    Orange E3
    Spesh Rockhopper
    SC Chameleon
    Marin Mount Vision
    Kona Caldera
    Spesh M2
    Kona Stab
    SC superlight
    Cove Hummer
    SC Heckler (x2 – regretted getting rid of so brought another a few years later)
    SC Bullit
    DeKerf Team SL (x2 – one with V brakes and sold to get one with discs)
    Intense Tracer
    Spesh Big Hit (24″ wheel)
    Spesh Big Hit (26″ wheel)
    Yeti ASX
    Devinci Frantic
    Curtis FR
    Giant Trance X0
    Bianchi Nerone 7
    Rocky Mountain Switch
    On One Inbred SS (still got)
    Cotic Soul (still got)
    Commencal Meta 5 (2010 – still got)
    Devinci Johnstone (still got)
    Bianchi Infanito (still got)
    Spesh Langster (still got)

    Seems like a huge amount of bikes but I do ride a lot and dont really spend my money on much else.


    Tiny list compared to others…

    92 – Diamondback Sorrento
    97 – Diamondback Topanga (circa 92 – handed down from my Dad)
    06 – Giant XTC SX
    09 – SC Superlight (Still got)
    09 – Inbred
    10 – Commencal Flame Ti (Still got)

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    1997 – Specialized rockhopper
    1998 – Kona cindercone
    1999 – Stumpjumper FSR
    2002 – Santa cruz Juliana (current)
    2004 – GT timberline commuting bike (current) trying to sell
    2007 – On one inbred (current)
    2010 – Dawes tandem (current)

    Maglite BMX
    Grifter – Awesome Bike
    Trek 6500 – Ha a good innings but now just a sorry frame with a seized BB and cranks that wont budge
    Orange EVO8 – Sold on Flea Bay
    Felt Virtue Team – Deceased
    Genesis IO singlespeed – Bullet Proof and still going strong
    Cotic Soul – My Favorite bike
    Cannondale Rize – Awsome bike still got it
    Orange P7 – currently building this

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