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  • Bike Radar Consistency
  • grimtech
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    Shining example that made me laugh out loud!



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    Perhaps the 10' models have now gained 1Kg in weigh or something ūüėČ

    Edit : I did think that old brake design in a new era might not be as comparible now like my old Hope Mono Minis vs elixiers etc

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    Are they not different models? ūüėē

    Surely if each product is scored on its specification/competition at the time then that can lead to historic changes in score.

    My 1997 Kona Hei Hei is in no way comparable with a 2007 Kona Hei Hei.

    Or have I completely missed the point?


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    I've spotted it..
    Old ones £160.
    New ones £230.

    That would make them crap in my book too.

    Everything else is a complete contradiction though.. WTF?

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    May I refer you to last weeks bleating about pseudo science and its application by Future publishing as ‚Äútesting‚Ä̂Ķ

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    The codes performed badly on their 'scientific' dyno testing ‚Äď which seems to be absolute poo.

    Unless of course the codes are weaker than some Tektro budget brakes!

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    Shimano XT brakes
    Review number 1
    Review number two

    and every bikes shops worst enemy!
    Hayes ‚Äď ewww. they said these were reliable?!?

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    rockitman ‚Äď Member
    I spotted one the other day ‚Äď 2 reviews of the same bike

    To be fair the second one does state that it's a second opinion (look at the page header in IE)

    I also read in the latest review of the Spesh Epic (or whichever is their flagship XC racing model) in WMB that all the previous models' brain shock 'never worked quite as well as promised' but that the new one was brill and perfect and did exactly what it should. Funny then that every previous years' reviews never mentioned this ūüėÜ

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    and next year's spesh's will be reviewed saying that the annoying brain shock of 2010 has been remedied… Dont pay attention to reviews of things, its trial and error.

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    nearly as good as their very recent scientific brake test!!!!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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