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  • Bike phone mount
  • Premier Icon properbikeco
    Free Member

    Any recommendations for a simple and neat phone holder for handlebars?
    Will only be used indoors so do not want one that covers the screen.
    Anything that mounts forwards of the bars (like out in front mount) would be ideal.

    Premier Icon sillyoldman
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    Quadlock is by far the best. I got an SP Connect which looks similar, but is nowhere near as secure or as easy to use.

    Premier Icon kelron
    Free Member

    If the bike’s not actually moving, see if you can find somewhere to stick one of those magnetic car dashboard mounts? Would probably go on the top of the bar/stem and be a lot cheaper than quadlock.

    Not a great solution if you want to remove it regularly though.

    Premier Icon Singlespeed_Shep
    Free Member

    I also have quad lock and it really is good. I originally bought it for the turbo but now use it on rides as well. They do an out front mount for it.

    Premier Icon superleggero
    Full Member

    +1 for the Quadlock with out front mount. Excellent piece of kit.

    Premier Icon ak121078
    Free Member

    Another vote for the quad lock “out front” mount. Very nice piece of kit. I also bought the gopro adaptor for the mount. Very pleased with it

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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