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  • slackalice

    Isn’t it all about the process, rather than the destination? 😉

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Just when my bikes reach perfection, someone goes and changes the definition.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    10 years and there are still things I would change cost permitting. Several frames built and rebuilt in that time.

    Just about, although there are probably still things I’d change. After 6 years, it’s as close to being perfect as anything I’ve ridden.

    Still have a steel Kona that’s never been quite right in 17 years

    [url=]Untitled[/url] by davetheblade, on Flickr


    How long has it taken you to perfect your bike to your liking…upgrades, fit etc?

    Was it perfect out of the box or taken several months/years?

    And most importantly when do you know when to stop ‘perfecting’?!

    Discuss 🙂


    Several bikes, built in different ways for different styles of riding, each is as I want.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Moveable feast, there is no ‘finished’!


    +1 njee20

    There’s always something 🙂


    Test rode what had been my most favourite bike in the world yesterday, but after a year on 29er wheels (different bike that’s great but I don’t love it like my old bike), no matter how well the old girl rides, it’s not right to me anymore. She gunna be sold soon

    ..So really Njee +2

    Premier Icon chakaping

    It was an alarmingly quick process ogetting my 29er HT ‘right’.

    Could maybe go a bit less beefy with the tyres now it’s summer, but I’m just putting together a spare set of wheels to take care of that anyway.


    After getting my first all new bike in 6 six years of chopping and changing bikes, can’t say there’e anything I want to change to on it.


    As already said, it’s a rolling project and for me that’s part of the appeal. Trying out different tyres, frames, bar widths, fork travel, etc – it’s a never-ending process and I love it . . . I do have a very active eBay account 😉


    10 years then I wasn’t bothered about upgrading anything as it just worked. Then I had shoulder surgery and it was irritating so had to start over.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Moveable feast, there is no ‘finished’!


    Although a couple of my bikes are quite close to something like a “Finished” state, mostly the simple ones (fixies, single speeds and basic HTs must be a bit easier to “finish” IMO), the more bells and whistles a bike already has, the more scope there seems to be for “upgrading”…

    That said all my bikes are run on a relative shoestring budget and actually “Perfecting” any of them would cost more financially and time wise than its really worth…

    “Rideable” is about the best state for any bike to be in, would you even want to ride a “Perfect” bike?

    Premier Icon momo

    My bikes are in a state of constant evolution, there’s always something new to try!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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