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  • naffa

    Jaseisace71 and myself are thinking of heading down to BPW in a couple of weeks time just for the day.
    Well both be riding 29’er hardtails with 100/120mm forks.
    What do you recommend we ride there? Any particular trails to definitely ride? Any worth avoiding?

    Cheers naffa


    Just stick to all the Blue & Red trails. If you decide to take on the Blacks just take them slow and cautiously on your 1st run.


    Just ride them all. Don’t worry about the blacks – they are good fun!


    As above. Start on Sixtapod onto Willy Waver and try to do it without grinning loads.

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    As above. Red and blue will be fine. Got uplifts booked? The climb isn’t too bad but you will probably just get more runs done if you use the uplift (booked until December!)

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    I rode most of the blue and red on a 120mm 29er HT, I’ll look at the blacks next time. I felt no need for FS.

    The climb is fine if you’re used to a bit of XC. 35 mins at a very easy pace, it makes a nice chill interlude. I actually guide enjoyed it, and it was better than standing in the rain waiting for uplift.

    Just pick trails at random and roll down, they’re all good, and they vary.

    You were thinking of going? Did you then change your mind? 😉

    Sixtapod/Willy Waver is indeed the pick of the playground for me, though.


    Heading there next weekend, cant wait. Any advice on where to stay?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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