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  • Premier Icon uberscott

    A little over a year ago my wife broke her shoulder in the Alps, which in turn was about 10 months after knocking herself out at Chicksands. Needless to say her confidence has taken a bit of a kicking. As a result she hasn’t ridden much this year at all, apart from a few pootles round the Blue trail at Swinley. However, she now feels ready to take on something a little more challenging.

    So this weekend our plan is to ride the Verderer’s trail at FoD. However, having seen the footage from BPW and the Blue runs up there, I’m thinking they may be a bit more fun but without scaring the bejesus out of her. She’s not a big fan of anything particularly steep, or narrow tree-lined trails just yet. She’s ridden neither of these two as well so it’s new territory.

    I’d really appreciate any thoughts/advice on whether BPW would be more suitable for someone looking to build up their confidence, or if we should stick to FoD.

    Murky buckets! 😀

    Premier Icon ChrisI

    BPW blues are like BMX tracks (well they were opening weekend), would be great for getting confidence back up, theres nothing tight or technical on them. Only thing to watch is the speed you can carry into some corners may be more than you can get around them at 😯

    Premier Icon uberscott

    Thanks for that mate – somehow I don’t think speed will be an issue 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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