Bike Park Wales and a first world problem

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  • Bike Park Wales and a first world problem
  • lungman

    So about to take my first trip trip to bike park wales and I have a question for the stw collective. Which bike would be the best option. I have a mini DH bike 180mm travel which I was planning to take but I have heard that the trails are better enjoyed on a long travel trail bike so do I take the 150mm travel. I am hoping to ride as many of the trails as possible inc the easier of the blacks advice would be appreciated. And b4 anybody asked I can’t take both!




    150mm for me, it’d be better suited to a greater number of the trails, but if you have a dual ply rear tyre off the dh bike throw it on. You won’t regret it on the rim dinger!


    150mm. One of the blues and one reds are pedally. You will enjoy on whatever you ride tho and a 150mm will easily cope with the black runs.
    As above, punctures galore, but that’s prob me casing everything 🙂


    if your looking to hit the doubles and drop offs on the blacks then take the 180mm. blues are ok but just ok i wouldnt do them more than once.
    great fun up there tho but take the big bike


    6″ travel bikes are best there.

    If you only want to ride one black then take the bigger but it will by overkill and ruin the reds and blues.

    Yep, 6 inch or so is the ideal, unless you’re planning on shuttling up the hill all day under your own steam. Even then….

    Not sure of the need to change tyres. I ran my usual Rubber Queens with no problem at all. That said, group of four of us, I was the only one not to puncture….Maybe I’m just light on my tyres. (Not on my feet, I hasten to add!)


    thanks chaps for the advice

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