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  • what’s it like for a guy on a 29er hardtail who doesn’t mind climbing back up?

    Can you link it all together as one route or is it all up, or down a bit disjointed?


    Premier Icon mattjg

    I was there today on a Yelli Screamy, I rode a lot of the red and blue (tho no black). It’s absolutely fine on a HT, I never wished I had suspension. I did wish I had bigger tyres than my 2.25 Nobby Nics tho.

    The full climb, very bottom to very top, took about 40 minutes at a gentle pace (I hate getting sweaty in waterproofs, and I was conserving energy for the descents), it’s fine, not an unpleasant ride. I did the full climb twice and some more uppy downy arsing about too.

    It didn’t feel disjointed, the descents are long, interesting, and fast if you want that. Fairly intense if you go at it. Climbing back was a good chance to chill out and spin away for contrast. If you do the singletrack climb it’s interesting enough not to be a slog, tho most people did the fireroad. The ST is also much less exposed to the rain (and presumably in summer, the sun!).

    Broadly: very impressed with BPW, one of my best trailcentre days, they’ve nailed it. I can’t speak for the blacks but a trailsy 29er HT was brill for the rest.

    Yep, as above, very doable on a HT. Phatt tyres would certainly help spread the fun when shredding the gnat on the way back down though, braw. 🙂

    Premier Icon Stiggy

    Was there on thursday on a 29er HT, no uplift, no probs, preferred the reds to the blues, blacks a bit too gnarly 🙂

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