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  • Bike names?
  • Premier Icon bigbloke
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    Does anyone “name” their bikes?

    Premier Icon druidh
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    That would be ridiculous!

    Premier Icon drofluf
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    Yes: “Red Bike”. “Blue Bike” and “Other Blue Bike”.

    Simples 🙂

    Premier Icon tollah
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    Mavericks have names rather than frame numbers.

    Mine is called Xeno

    Premier Icon RealMan
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    mountain bike
    road bike
    the other bmx
    my old road bike

    Premier Icon penguinni
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    Meet Heather!

    She has just replaced Penelope my Blur.

    Premier Icon Fortunateson09
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    My sister named my Kona ‘Trevor’ for some reason. She also has Bruce, Butch, Lance and Kyle. The mind boggles…
    And my Sovereign is always referred to as T’Evil rather than ‘the Evil’…

    Premier Icon chvck
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    When it misbehaves I call it several things that I can’t really write here but no name as such!

    Premier Icon SprocketJockey
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    My Surly 1×1 is known as Bob. Not sure why – it’s just a good solid, reliable name that fits the bike.

    Premier Icon bol
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    It always concerns me when people refer to their bikes as ‘she’. It’s a worryingly small step from there to here

    Oh, and before you’re tempted to click through on the link in the story, sadly they’ve removed the page with the instructions.

    Premier Icon andrewh
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    Race Bike/Yeti
    White Bike/DH bike Marin
    The Saracen
    the road bike
    The TT bike
    The blue bike/the singlespeed/Claude (allowed as it is a Claude Butler)
    The new one (building tonight, will wait to see what it becomes known as)
    Cars have been
    The tardis
    The rust bucket
    The repmobile (which the other half named Percy)
    The Toyota
    The Hyundai

    Other half’s bikes areSuzy, Bertha and Brenda. Her car is Izzy.

    Premier Icon scaredypants
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    my 1st car was known (mostly to my mates rather than me) as the ferret

    other than that, no

    Premier Icon Woody
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    My ML8 is called Xavier……………

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Mine are currently more or less big bike and little bike. But the Hemlock’s almost called dead penguin. (black and white and red all over)

    Premier Icon Militant_biker
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    Not really – just ‘The Tarmac’, ‘The Genesis’, ‘The Langster’ and ‘The Bionicon’, or respectively ‘The Road Bike’, ‘The Singlespeed’, ‘The Fixie’ and ‘The Big Bike’.

    Cars have been ‘Lance’ cos it had a lot of power in a lightweight body and ‘the Polio’ because it was crippled.

    Premier Icon emac65
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    My bikes all have a name wrote on the frame,Giant Trance,Kona King,On One Inbred etc.It saves me doing that girly girl thing of giving them stupid girly names,which I happen to think is a very girly thing to do…. 8)

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