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  • karlwoody

    Looking for advice on securing bikes in shed i am putting a ground anchor in floor and looking for a good chain and lock that is near impossible to cut with bolt cutters or grinders.


    I’m afraid there isn’t a lock available to my knowledge that’s totally grinder proof (that’d be some lock), though Almax seem pretty confident of there product vs bolt cutters:

    I’d suggest you want to be looking at 16 or 19mm chains from either Almax or the slightly cheaper Pragmasis & squire locks. Also bear in mind if the kit you have hanging off your bike is top notch, thief’s will potentially destroy your frame to take the rest, so a number of locks/chain is advisable locks parts other than just your main frame together.

    Couple of threads on shed/garage security

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    Aye, for croppers you need either a massive chain, or an overhardened one. Engligh Chain Co make a 13mm link chain that’ll beat all but the most massive boltcutters, but at the disadvantage of being very brittle and so rather easy to shatter. Almax and the bigger Pragmasis will stop anything apart from hydralics.

    Anything will cut with grinders but luckily they’re relatively uncommon- the reason being, most bikes are chained up with toy locks that thieves can break silently and quickly with boltcutters (or not chained up at all), so why use the noisy, slow approach? It’s just like swimming with sharks, you don’t need to be faster than the shark, just faster than the other swimmers 😉

    (most chains and probably all cable locks are as easy to break with appropriate cutters than they are to unlock with the key)

    And yep, as zippy says… You can’t secure every component, and it’s easier to cut most frames than a good lock.


    No chain will survive a grinder or hydraulic cutting gear attack.
    Get the best chain you can afford – Almax Immobilizer or something like that paired with a Squire SS65 padlock. It will at least delay the thief for the longest time and will be cropper proof.


    +1 for torc anchors, I just got the 16mm chain and squire padlock with their ground anchor, makes me more confident with my security now. People have also spoke about motor bike disc brake alarms for a noise deterent.


    thanks for the info guys. did look at the almax before putting this on here but people have different opinions so see what the masses agree with.
    ruscle:- like the idea of the alarm.
    was thinking of putting 240 mains to the chain but i think that is going to the extreme and illegal.

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    [was thinking of putting 240 mains to the chain but i think that is going to the extreme and illegal.]

    You’re the bad guy for hurting the tea-leaf!!! (I don’t think it’s extreme)

    Try the motorbike security idea – lots of good stuff to look at at M&P.


    With some insurance companies they’ll ask for a ‘Sold Secure Gold’ cycle lock and chain which means it can stand a 5 minute attack.
    I got a PJB Bull Point Anchor and an Oxford HD 2.0m chain & lock.
    The anchor point is actually a motor cycle gold standard and the chain is long enough for me to loop round the two bikes I own.
    Best price was here:

    Loads cheaper than anywhere else and you won’t be disappointed. Just don’t expect to be able to carry the chain around with you in your CamelBac !


    Apparently the disc brake alarms are fairly easy to pick but they work on vibrations so if tucked away would start to sound when they were inspecting your security setup so would probably scare them off. I think for the money they are a worthy added extra deterent. I like the idea of some scum bag having 240v running through them!

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