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  • Bike lights, have we reached peak tech now? What is currently good?
  • Premier Icon rockhopper70
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    Looking for a light for Rock jnr. I have a L&M Taz 1200 which is serving me well, and super neat as a bonus.

    I can’t see much in the way of new tech with lights, so what’s a decent reliable affordable light that may have been released since I bought the Taz, three years ago.

    Premier Icon cookeaa
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    Bikehut 500/1000/1600 Lumen versions as budget and/or owl melting requirements dictate…

    Premier Icon labsey
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    I’ve got a Lezyne 800, charge it from a USB cable once a week and it does me well. Use it all year round and it’s always bright enough.

    Premier Icon oceanskipper
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    Magicshine. Excellent lights but a bit spendy….

    Premier Icon joebristol
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    I have a Bikehut 1600 which is pretty good for the money. I changed the bar clamp for an eBay aluminium one though – much more solid and only £5. They got on a gopro style mount.

    Used that for a year or so then got fancy and bought an exposure Maxx d – expensive but it is mental powerful and dwarfs most other lights that people I ride with have got 😎

    Premier Icon p7eaven
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    Bought a Ravemen PR900, it’s been ace for road and gravel* with a long battery life and great dual-beam/emitter so can be set to not dazzle road-users. Functions as a USB powerbank also, so useful for an emergency phone charge.

    Considered upgrading to the 1200 but tbh this does everything I require (am not an afterdark downhill racer)

    *Paired with an old SolarStorm X2 on the helmet it’s also doable on more risky/woody offroad sections

    Premier Icon Murray
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    Bikehut 1600 on a Hope clamp that I already had is good

    Premier Icon bentudder
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    I had a couple of the Bikehut 1600s. The first was replaced on warranty as the shield on the USB port pulled out of the board. The second did me two seasons before refusing to switch off one night. I tried to see if I could simply cut the circuit (assuming it was 2x 18650s wired in) and taking the light apart effectively made it impossible to put back together. For £50 it was a bargain, but I like my stuff repairable, so replaced it with a Maxx D on bike to work, which hasn’t skipped a beat.
    If you’re on a budget, BH1600 with Hope clamp will cost you about £60, but expect it to last a couple of years of regular night rides before it carks it.

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    There’s been no big step forwards for years, don’t really see anything suggesting any big step changes coming down the track tbh- you usually see new LEDs or battery ideas coming in other techs/higher end applications. So it’s probably as good a time to buy as it ever is but equally nothing’s really going to blow away an older light. I mean, my ancient magicshine with the XPGs is still pretty competitive.

    The cheap self-contained lights are pretty ace. Especially for the “after work ride” where you don’t need so much burn time.

    Premier Icon IdleJon
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    So it’s probably as good a time to buy as it ever is…………..

    Yeah, just use the justification that you want to go for a night ride soon, not at some unspecified point in the future when bike lights have reached some unspecified level of tech. We’re now talking about the cost of good lights being so low that it doesn’t really matter if they only last a couple of years. Moon are producing a 1700lm light at RRP £99. For RRP £50 you get a light with as much power as my £300 Hopes had a decade ago.

    That’s where we heading – cheap powerful lights from decent brands. Who needs to cobble together a cheap, unreliable, Chinese light these days? 😀

    Premier Icon Daffy
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    Exposure’s brightness is gradually increasing but inversely proportional to their run-time. Joystick has gone from 800 lumnes to 1050 lumens over 5 years and run time has dropped from 3 hours to 1.5 hours on max…

    TAP “technology” is perfectly defined by Douglas Adams quote about technology – “Technology is a name for something that doesn’t work yet”.

    Reflex and Peloton work.

    Premier Icon rickon
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    Exposure lights are still the best quality you can get. Output to £ ratio is poor, buy they’re great quality and they can be serviced and fixed by USE I prefer to buy stuff that can be fixed rather than disposable, if it’s a bit more expensive it can work out cheaper in the long term. And like Northwind says, the tech isn’t changing and hasn’t changed much for the last 5 or more years.

    There’s good deals about. I’m running a Maxx-D and a Axis. Which is essentially a Joystick, but brighter and longer lasting.

    Here’s one almost half price:

    Exposure Axis

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Joystick has gone from 800 lumnes to 1050 lumens over 5 years and run time has dropped from 3 hours to 1.5 hours on max…

    Sure, but it’ll also have a lower power setting which closely matches the old light’s max power, and will probably match or exceed the old run time

    Premier Icon DezB
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    See.Sense Beam+ is excellent. Not sure how much they go for, I got mine on the kickstarter campaign. Really nicely built and superb mounting options with a Garmin style connector built in. On or offroad, works well.

    Premier Icon rockhopper70
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    That axis is a great price, but it’s starting to get daft money if that is just for the helmet and another is recommended for the bars. Ideally, a big, self enclosed bar light.

    Premier Icon teethgrinder
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    I have one on the bars and one on the helmet (though mine are Evolva X8 – exactly the same – mine have a tripod screw underneath, and I think these do)

    These go from the light to gopro mount

    This on the bars for the bar light (note – it’s 31.8mm, so if bars are over-oversize, i.e. 35mm you’ll need something else)

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