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  • Bike insurance
  • luke0912

    Treated myself to a new bike and I’m thinking of insuring it as it took me a long time to save up.

    After seeing a frame trashed from some heavy handed airline staff I would like it to be insured for travel as well.

    Can anyone recommend an insurance provider that meets my needs ?

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Try adding it as a named item on your home insurance (assuming it provides what you need, most cover your stuff abroad, and if you pack your bike properly, shouldnt have a problem)? Be loads cheaper than a separate policy.


    I have mine insured with Laka. A different business model in that you pay a share of that months claims with a cap rather than a standard monthly fee. So far my monthly cost has been less than the max every month. Reviews so far are positive. Not had to use the cover myself so can’t vouch for that side of things.

    I specifically wanted accidental damage cover hence going that route, I guess that would cover airline damage bit you’d have to check.

    They do a referral scheme, won’t post up a link but if you like the look of them let me know and I’ll pm you a code

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    House insurance is best if you can, pedalcover cover transport and travel etc other policies will also. Check the terms or speak to the insurers if you want specific cover.

    If you can’t get house insurance then the likes of laka/bikmo are good for cover but bloody expensive. 5k of cover with laka is more than my house insurance with 15k of cover.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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