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    Anyone got experience of hiring a decent FS/AM bikes in La Palma? Gonna be there 2 weeks and really not sure about packing up mine to be chucked on & off a plane again. Look to be sound shops/guides, but would appreciate any first-hand reports.

    Routes look fantastic too; again I would be really grateful for any personal recommendations,
    Cheers, David


    How did you get on in La palma,iam going in April so any advice would be good!


    I used this bunch when I was there a couple of years ago they’re based in Los Llanos – and obviously cater for the German market more than British.
    bike n fun
    I just went for a one day ride and hired a bike as well. The bike was fine (a bergamont). Nice bunch of people, and obviously know the area very well. However, the ride I went on was a bit disappointing – after a twenty minute drive, then half an hour in a coffee shop, it was a three hour fire road climb (albeit with great scenery) then about 20 mins off road descent (nice, but nothing extreme) then about another half hour descent on the road (bit of a yawn).
    On balance, for the cost and time involved, probably not worth it (it was about an hour taxi ride from our hotel to Los Llanos), but they do a whole load of routes, so maybe worth checking which of these will suit you best.

    I’ve been with BikenFun half a dozen times.

    They cater from sightseeing tours to full on freeride madness.

    Check out their website and you can email Claudia before you go to try and sort out what suits.

    It is great fun being the English minority 😉

    Language is not a problem as one guy said to me ‘you english, are mad’…


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    Cheers for the posts, though I went before Christmas. Took my bike with Thomson for £30; rentals were 165E+ per week…

    Trails were great but steep (up). Many great documented mapped local trails; so sure of actual permission for bikes on some. I’m told La Ruta Los Volcanos is meant to be the best track but not legal as its in a Nat Park.
    Down from the top Volcano was about my best ride ever. I had a decent printed Red los Senderos map but no local guide, which would helped but hey, I did OK. Map available from tourist offices.

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