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  • bawbag

    I've got a couple of these and they work pretty well. No damage to rim or spokes since I've been using them.


    On-one were doing bike hangers for as fiver a pop.

    Only road hangers left though it seems

    I've hung mine by rear / front wheels for several years now using just bloody great hooks, and have had no issues – and by wheels I mean rims, not tyres. If a rim / spoke can take *your* weight, it's not going to be overly stressed by the weight of a bike


    Bolt a length of 6×2 to your breezeblock wall, then attach hooks like nbt has posted to the timber. Much easier than attaching hooks directly to wall.

    You can get your bikes closer together by staggering them vertically (if you have the wall height) so that the handlebars don't clash on adjacent bikes.

    Easier still might be to hang them from the roof? Then you can just get cheap screw in hooks.

    As nbt says, if the wheels can take riding imposed loads the rim isn't going to be worried by a hanging bike. Good idea not to directly load a spoke though, just in case.


    I'm starting to run out of space in the garage – mainly due to the wife's need to keep every box that our daughter's things arrived in, but also the biking kit is expanding what with the kids trailer now there as well.

    I've got a bike stand thing that hangs 2 bikes up but I reckon the space it is taking, I could probably get 4 or 5 bikes in that space (we only have 3 between us) OR the 3 bikes plus things that don't quite sit on the ground i.e. roof bars/racks. I'm thinking I'm wanting to drill a few holes and screw some sort of hooking system in place so I can hang the bikes on the wall – not wanting to use the roof as I reckon it's a very thin plasterboard covering and would be likely to break.

    So what options do I have for storage on the walls? The thing I have in my head has a sort of hook and plate affair that you hook the front/rear tyre in and it cradles the wheel – so the tension isn't just on the spokes/rim – is there such a thing? Also, what would be the best solution for storing the bike racks/bars – 2 bars mounted to the wall and these things just resting on them?

    Garage has breeze block walls – what's the best thing to mount the hooking system with? I've very little knowledge of DIY – I can do it but I need a bit of guidance to what I should use for the type of surface, etc.

    I'd like to tidy up the garage space that the bikes use to make it more usable…just now it's pretty much just a resting place for everything…was also thinking of trying to get something to store my tools boxes and bike tools so that would also be handy to have some suggestions for that as well.


    Premier Icon nuttysquirrel

    Go to Aldi Alloa big boy, £5 or so methinks. They have a few left. Hang on, does that mean getting away from your computer and entering the real world though!?


    shouldn't damage the walls 😉

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