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  • Premier Icon rickon

    Hi Chaps,

    I’m looking to find a bike for my friend’s 12 year old son, my initial thoughts are secondhand hardtail.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what they did for their kids?

    I’m thinking no more than £400, and he was shocked that £200 was ‘too cheap’ for a bike that wont be heavy and generally not work.




    Is he well behaved, what are his table manners like? Are we talking a long term exchange, or short term? 😯
    Mine has ridden a 2nd hand 456 for the last 5 years, with a cheap set of Tora’s, factory wheels, 1 X 9 and cheap disc brakes – he loves it, goes well, and more importantly I’ve never done any maintenance on it, hurrah!

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    My 11 yo has been riding a second hand DMR for the last few years. Not a bad bike, although it recently keeps dropping it’s chain, so I need to sort that out.


    My tall 12 year old has just about outgrown a 13″ cube 26er and has just commandeered my old whyte.

    Premier Icon Alex

    My 12 year old has this:

    Burner by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    Which she loves

    Get out of the way! by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    Er not quite £400 tho although 2nd hand 26inch stuff is cheap now. Could build a nice bike for £400 I reckon from the classifieds with a bit of effort.

    Premier Icon alfabus

    I built an orange evo2 with recon airs and an old xt groupo for my 13 year old nephew… i worry that he will become too good.


    11 year old – 13.5″ Rockhopper £230 from ebay… new bar, stem and grips (£45) to make it shorter, narrower and most importantly, lower. The old bar and stem may come in handy as he grows. Also new pedals – £10-£15, I think they were.


    Built this for my 10 year old recently, cost less then £400 to build. Now running 1×9 though….

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Specialized party…..
    Another £250 classifieds bike. It is the womens version – smidge shorter TT, and weeny 13.5″ frame. He is 4’11”, short of leg and 12 years old. Ace.

    2006 Specialized Hardrock Sport by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

    The day Ben discovered he likes berms… by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

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