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  • Bike floor rack, 3x bikes for MTB?
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    Anybody know of anything? Had a good hunt round and on here but nothing obvious sprung up. Ideally around 80cm long as that’s the width of the alcove the bikes live in.

    Something like but that one won’t take the larger mtb tyres.



    After a fair bit of research, I went for a few “Superstands” made by Willworx. You can get them from Amazon but I got mine from BMO as they were a bit cheaper and I needed a few.

    They arrived after a few days and work a treat. What I like about them is that they are so flexible….I stack the bikes in an overlapping line down one side of the garage (2 bikes deep) but I’ve also got a couple outside for the kids to drop their bikes into or for me to leave the hack bike in if I’m running errands on it through the day. I also took one to Swinley in the car this weekend and it made the pre-ride fettle easier (no leaning against the car when topping up the fork and shock, checking tyre pressures, getting riding shoes on etc). They work equally well on the front and rear wheels and 2.1 tyres fit in pretty easily.

    You can get connectors to link them together but I’ve not bothered as I’d loose the flexibility.



    Forgot to mention…if you don’t want something like the one in your link, there are much cheaper and identical looking ones on ebay that come in various sizes.

    b r

    Make your own with wood?

    This is what I did for a flat-floored trailer.


    Have a look for post van bike rack used the bottom part in my shed up against the wall 80cm wide & only stick out from wall 15cm you can cut the hole’s for whatever size tyres you need

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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