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  • Bike fitting – any cheaper than £120?
  • Most people are willing to drop well in excess of £120 for a new component that ‘may’ give them some performance gain.

    Most people are blithering idiots with more money than sense though.


    Show do we explain the current fashion for short stems and wide bars?

    Bar height, width, stem length etc on MTBs have a far wider acceptable parameters because of the greater importance of handling, less aggressive (more upright) position and greater amount of time spent out the saddle.

    It’s pretty hard to go wrong with the front end when it comes to bike fit side of things on an mtb, as long as you don’t do anything extreme. Seen a few instances of upper back pain due to ridiculously wide bars though…


    do they consider how the bike fits the average STW rider when pushing it up the hill ? 😀

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    Are we inferring that Paul Hewitt’s method doesn’t reach the correct conclusions?

    it reached the right conclusion for me on my road bike.

    more than happy with the service

    to clarify my earlier post

    I got hold of a 56cm Allez from a friend that had left it locked up on the street, and the front end was stolen. I paid him a fair price and rebuilt the bike. It was a little too large for my size (5’10”) but I wanted a road bike at a low price, the 1st BG Fit I had managed to make this oversized bike work as well as possible, but it always felt a little too long (they mentioned this would be an issue)

    some months later, I managed to get a Tarmac in a smaller size (54cm) and wanted another bike fitting session to get it to fit properly

    considering my workshop charges £50 a hour for servicing, I would not consider £200 for a 3 hour fitting session with 1 hour follow up a few weeks later, an unreasonable price?

    considering the BG Fitting guy emailed all the fitting information to me, including videos showing all the setup adjustments. This information can be applied to any bike I buy in the future.

    I’ve seen people spend silly money to save grammes on bike weight, but continue to suffer with a poor bike fit because they cannot see the benefit from a good fit

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)

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