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  • ali69er


    Just looking to get some Thule 561’s shipped to NZ, these guys seem to be cheapest by miles and only want E19.95 to send them down here, I have used these guys when I was in the UK, but does anyone have any experience ordering outside the EU, the shipping seems ridiculously cheap.



    Used them several times to get stuff delivered to Israel. All good except for a damaged parcel on the last delivery which resulted in missing items (not their fault). However, the subsequent problems I am having reaching an amicable solution to the refund / replacement issue is driving me nuts. So far I have received a part refund and had several replacement items sent to my billing address in the UK, which is no use to me what so ever. Having pointed this out to them they have now gone very quiet on the email front. Time will tell. In short, I think you will be ok to use them with the caveat that if things go wrong, it is slightly more difficult to get sorted out.


    Thanks, I think I will go with them, two bike racks should be fairly sturdy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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