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  • tails

    If I buy from them and need to return am I returning it to Germany?

    Also are there any good smaller online retailers?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout


    And they just ignore warranty emails for upto 3 weeks, never answer the phone and generally I wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole again.

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    If you are determined to buy from Germany then check if you can get same things from Had no problems using them. A quick call to them when my Reverb packed in and they Emailed me a returns label for free return via a drop off system. I had a new Reverb in about 5 days from the first phone call. have a dedicated English speaking phone number for inquiries too.
    I have used but never had cause to contact them so can’t comment, but you are not the first to say they are slow to reply to Emails. I think the phone is still king in Germany. And everyone in retail speaks English so try phoning if you have problems.

    Premier Icon doomanic

    I’ve bought from Cheaper than but I can’t comment of problems as I haven’t had any.

    Bear in mind they don’t offer free post so may not actually be cheaper.

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    I’ve used r2-bike a couple of times. Had an issue with my last order and they were great when it came to sorting the problem out.

    I’ll happily use them again in future.


    I bought one of those cheapish Fox forks off ze Germanz a while back and they cannot type English for toffee!

    Would I order from them again?
    Probably if it was a decent discount as shipping was reasonably quick


    For me shopping from Germany=

    Massive stocks, great prices and top notch costumer service.
    Sometimes also shop from Action Sports.

    Had problems in the past with Bike-Discount and R2. Slow and poor communication and dubious costumer service decisions on their side, never again

    Premier Icon frankconway

    Have used them without a problem.
    Also good experience using bike boutique in holland – Rob Fiskermans, I think

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    Bike24 are replacing SJS Cycles as my go-to for obscure kit.

    That being said, have treated me fine, I think you need to make the point of sending a new email for returns, rather than replying to an old one.

    I use bike-discount a lot. I find them great. Speed varies but it always gets here in a week or so. Prices are great. They discount tax which is needed for me, CRC stopped doing that. I’ve returned stuff because I’ve ordered it badly and no issues. I’ve never returned warranty stuff so can’t comment. Bike-components I’ve found good too but a smidge more expensive.

    Premier Icon Sludge Judge

    I used them for the first time last week. Excellent price and service – will definitely use again.


    Bike24 is CRC/Wiggle. I stopped using that crowd when they decided that where an item would be delivered would dramatically change the price (not just VAT differences. ‘Free’ post though!)

    For example I’m looking now for a Use Revo light. The price is totally different on and – both for Swedish delivery.

    I just can’t be bothered to check prices across every TLD for (all) their sites for maintenance products like chains and pads. Especially when some are up and some are down!

    So now first point of call is R2. Then bike-components, then bike-discount.

    I’ve done returns to them all (I have had lots of sets of SRAM brakes and droppers..) and they have all been great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of them.

    Premier Icon kneed

    I’ve had warranty issues for Shimano brakes at nearly 2 years after I bought thru

    Returns were indeed to Germany: but they paid for the courier – I just had to drop off at a DHL shop. Simple process through ‘my account’ or somesuch on their website. Got an email a few days later to say ‘received’. Replacements arrived 1 to 2 weeks later – no quibbles.

    Better service than some UK shops imo.


    Just saved about £70 using bike-discount on four items, I used PayPal for a bit of protection but their currency conversion took a few quid more than I expected.

    Premier Icon cx_monkey

    I’ve used these guys in Holland:
    Had to return a helmet to them because it turned up with a crack in it, and they where awesome to deal with. Managed to find some great deals here on SRAM CX-1 a while back, but I think they’re more opportunity buyers from suppliers as what they have seems to change quite often.
    I suppose though, like others have said, if you have limited time to look for something it’s maybe not the best as you do need to have a rummage around their site!


    Thanks guys, I’ll have a think as it was some shoes, we all know sizing is made up by the brand


    @endomick Get yourself a Starling Bank account, their conversion rates are waaaay better. I was going to pay with PayPal for some wheels, but it was tens of pounds cheaper paying with the bank card.

    Premier Icon mehr

    @speccyguy Wiggle/CRC sold back Bike24 in September

    Another thumbs up for bike-discount, I ordered a pair of DH casing minions Thursday morning and DPD have just delivered them

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    I’ve ordered from then a few times, never had to return anything so can’t comment about that side of things.

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    I ordered from r2-bike back in the summer and they did free returns to Germany from the UK.  I had an issue where they shipped 2 front brakes rather than a set, and the replacement rear was on the way before I’d even got the front packed for sending back.

    Just used Mantel for some Mavic spares – ordered on Wednesday from Holland, arrived UK Friday – nobody in the UK had one of the items anyway, but they were cheaper than UK sites for the ones I could get here – will definitely use again


    I’ve used them, very good bar some damage from careless packaging which they duly sorted out. I’d recommend!

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