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  • lightman

    No, I tend to have enough brains to slow down coming up to a blind corner or any areas with poor visibility!
    It sounds like you were both made for each other πŸ˜‰


    Fifers ,what are they like πŸ˜€


    Not so much crashes but quite a few collisions with other bikes around Cannock.

    The basic problem is related to catching people up. I like to think I’m polite and even if I’m on a roll I don’t mind waiting for the other person to pull over or slow down, but more than once I’ve been ‘toppled into’ by a passee πŸ™‚ who hasn’t quite decided whether they’re going to stop or simply slow down.

    A cheery ‘nice one’ or ‘on your left/right’ means nothing when the other person starts to overbalance


    Not sure about that didn’t ask him what qualifications he had


    Hit a few things over the years trees,walls,the ground etc but a new one to me last night
    On fife coastal path me going up fairly fast and from a blind corner bang another biker coming down hill again pretty fast neither saw the other,he went OTB and landed on a fence.I hit the deck,amazingly neither of us hurt apart from soiling of the drawers from the fright
    Apart from crashing into mates or when racing anybody had a random bike crash with another biker


    a couple on commutes.
    one guy turned left across the front of me as I was going straight on and we both hit the deck right in front of traffic – idiot.
    another guy piled into the back of me at traffic lights, which he intended to stop at, but excused himself by saying that he was having a drink – idiot.

    I always shout “rider” if traveling at speed round a blind corner or over a crest, particularly on busy trails.

    Fetched a mate off dicking about – we all do it to each other. Shame it christened his new Remedy at the time though 😈

    No, I tend to have enough brains to slow down coming up to a blind corner or any areas with poor visibility!

    I bet your Strava times are rubbish πŸ˜‰


    Me and a mate were having a bit of a race on a stretch of bridleway, barends got tangled up, both ended up in a heap the middle of the path.

    Premier Icon joat

    Buzzing your mates tyre as youths when mountain bikes were in their infancy. It was usually the ‘buzz-er’ not the ‘buzzee’ that fell off though.


    Fyffes, they’re bananas…. πŸ™‚


    Short steep section just South of Pattiesmuir by any chance?

    Premier Icon dday

    I tried to undertake a mate on a corner, ended up locking up bars, he kicked me off, I ended up getting the pointy end of the bar in my ribs, cracking one. He rode away. πŸ˜₯


    Around 15 years ago, when we were less mature lets say…. a mate of mine hit a female jogger when we where on a really quick decent. (around 10 of us)

    Her husband saw us and moved out of the way but his Mrs did not see us and stayed in the centre of the moorland track / trail.

    It resulted in my mate hitting her square on knocking her over and into a drystone wall. My mate folded his wheel and snapped his manitou forks just by the brake bolster..

    Worst part… around 5 miles from a tarmac road, its amazing what a few zip ties and a few of us can do trying to straightening a wheel by moving spokes around to get home creating a skeleton wheel!!


    Crashed in to bikes/bikers a few times, usually with my riding mates getting over-exuberant/too close!

    Basically we try to go as fast as we can, as close as we can wihtout crashing, sometimes it fails πŸ™„

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    You’d think people could restrain themselves when on busy cycle paths but there are a lot of bell-ends about who seem to need to ride at full-chat everywhere but lack basic bike-handling skills/common sense. Slowing down when appropriate and cycling on the left would sort out the vast majority of problems on cycle paths I’d imagine.

    There’s one regular on my commute who goes the opposite way to me whose climbing technique is to stare fixedly at his front wheel/cranks and stomp up the hill whilst wavering from one side of the path to another!

    I hit a schoolkid once. He was riding in the same direction as me, I was going alot faster.
    Nice wide (10 ft ish) graded path so enough room to give him a nice wide berth.
    Just as I half wheel him he stands up on the pedals and swerves across the path , my hand hit his and down he went . I did stop instantly, there were some cuts to his hands and knees but he was OK.
    Offered to ring his mum and dad but he said no, he was fine so i carried on.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Last night was flying down this narrow (one car width) road.. saw something lower down the hill and presumed it was someone walking up.. as I got very close, it was a cyclist on my side of the road! Had to steer across the gravel in the middle to avoid him.
    Said to him “You’re on the wrong side of the road!” but with a smile πŸ™‚


    My Mrs was determined she was going to commute to work on a bike (she’s not a regular rider), so we did the journey on a weekend so she could see if she could do it. Half way back she decided it wasn’t for her, and was knackered so I rode along side pushing her, after about 2 miles on a towpath she steered into me, resulting in an alighty crash, me and my bike going into the canal, she tubling gracefully into the grass on the other side of the path.

    It’s funny now, but wasn’t at the time. Mobile was wrecked, had to dive under to retrieve the bike, and then ride home the remaining 7 miles soaking wet.


    Remember setting off at 0.3mph up a wide smooth featureless trail in a group of four in “diamond formation”, I was last. The two directly in front were chatting and wobbled towards each other, got tangled and fell in the bushes. I thought it was so funny my laugh reflex completely closed my windpipe and I rode up a tree and fell off. Guy in front looked round to see three riders on the deck apparently gurgling in agony. His look of confusion all but killed me.

    At school age, a group of four of us were in “chevron right” formation, riding no handed through the park. Guy on the left swerved, collected the guy to his right, who collected the guy to his right, who collected the guy to his right, and all four of us crashed into one bin (poo, dog).

    Premier Icon kimbers

    8 yr old kid on a scooter hopped off the kerb right in front of me as I was going full pelt in the big ring

    we both went down he was fine. I had a broken heel and ankle- 9 weeks of work 6 of them immobile


    cbmotorsport – LOL


    I had an incident last Wednesday with a lycra clad idiot . on the cyclepath by a primary school on the way back from work I came round a blind corner ,staying on the left of the path as I always do bit like a road and not going fast at all, theres a guy on an old racer in his 50s coming head on at me he is going way to fast.

    I cant get out the way but do manage to come to a complete stop and get my feet down due to my xt brakes, he cant stop and just plows right through my front wheel sending him flying over his bars onto his head on pavement, luckily he had a helmet on. he bent my front rim right round, buckled his front wheel, forks and got a puncture.

    unfortunately I didn’t realise how much damage he had done to my wheel and left him contemplating a very long painful walk home. in the end ive brought a new set of hope hoops while I get the old ones repaired to sell on. if he had hit my new banshee frame I would of been arrested for gbh!!

    some people have no sense what so ever if that had been a pushchair or a small child he would of hospitalised them

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