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  • samuri

    As I say, no-one thinks they smell. I know I do because everyone does.

    the only people who don’t smell is my wife and Claire Forlani

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I generally don’t take clean clothes to cycle home in. After all, you spend the trip home outside and you can change when you get home.

    However when I come to London I have to ride to the station, sit for 2 hours near other people then ride to the office. In the summer, I do take a spare top for this.

    Premier Icon lowey

    Is that your teddy bears top Jon ?


    Quality merino… and he posts a picture of an on-one top 🙄

    Not to be a snob, I have Aldi, Endura, Shutt, Rohan and 1 Rapha top. There is a difference. If it smells (and the cheaper ones do for me) then its either cheap or your a stinker 😈

    There is no shame in it tho despite the jesting, im a sweaty mess, even when i was at my fittest. I cant walk up more than 2 sets of stairs in a shirt at work or it goes transparent, thankfully it dosnt smell tho.


    I always take a complete set of kit for the return commute (15 sweaty/hilly miles) I wash it and dry it when I get home and it’s ready for the next day (if I left it to the wife I probably wouldn’t see it for a week or half of it would go missing).


    A man goes to the doctor.
    “Doc, I fart all day long, I just can’t stop. There’s no smell or noise but I just can’t stop farting, all day long. Can you help?”
    “Yes, don’t worry.” replies the doctor, “take one of these twice a day and come back in two weeks.”

    Two weeks later the man returns.
    “Doc, that medicine was rubbish. I’m still farting like crazy and they make no noise but now they smell incredibly bad.”
    “Great”, says the doctor, “we’ve sorted your nose out, now we need to fix your ears.”


    “Doc, a man on the internet says i smell”
    “Dont worry” says the doctor, “He is just smelling himself”

    And with that, adieu 😆


    Yep, I have merino kit.

    ….which is the equivalent of:

    I have a Ferrari!


    bent udder

    Ver stink is caused by bacteria feeding ‘n breeding on your sweat.

    I have to share my commute with lots of grumpy train commuters twice a day – in the evening, after I’ve bashed back to the station as quick as possible in order to get the train in time for the Udderlets’ bedtime stories. So it’s vital that I don’t stink.

    I commute 13 miles a day (on a Brompton, for shame – but it’s a mixed commute involving a train) in the same Endura commuter trousers all week long when it’s cold, and in two different pairs of overshorts when it’s warm, with standard undercrackers underneath that get changed at each end. In the winter, I can get away with the same merino top for two days in a row under a waterproof or roubaix top, which is washed weekly. when I’m in short sleeves, they typically last one day before going in the wash.

    Napisan is our friend for pongy artificial fibres, by the way – works a charm. No excuse for stinking kit.

    A workmate’s cycling kit (about half a dozen of us, male and female, share a single shower room at work – not at the same time) honks to high heaven. We’ve all told him, but he’s in denial. By Wednesday, the shower room is fetid. Strangely enough, when he’s on holiday, it’s very tolerable.


    The merino baselayer can go a while before washing, assuming it’s cold enough to wear one, but everything else is in the wash after one days use. Most days I’m dripping with sweat at the end of my 7 mile commute, but temps over 30 degrees will do that.

    I do occasionally catch some people up who you can smell a good few hundred metres away, I suppose it stops the unwelcome wheelsucker though…


    I use the same kit all week – not shorts though. My solution is to be constantly plastered in sheep shit which is a perfect masking agent for sweat. 🙂

    Premier Icon rone

    I don’t see the issue with Washing every day. Most washiing machines now have rapid/sports washes on them and being thin don’t take long to dry. I use a lakeland heated airer, put them out over night and ready in the morning.

    I don’t see how anyone can survive winter recreational riding if they can’t clean their kit between commutes.

    My issue is I then wear the kit at work as I’ve no access to a shower, so that’s my dirty bit. But I’ve only got two pair of shorts on the commute circuit, it’s all about routine.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    If I am not in a hotel, I have enough kit to last all week without washing. I’d be wasting a long of energy if I were washing kit every night. And time.


    I’m currently a ‘two-days-per-pair-with-a fresh-pair-for-Friday-treat’ kinda guy 😀 But my commute is going from 5 to 15 miles each way so I’m going to get a couple of more pairs in. Oh, and has already been said- Merino top all week FTW!



    And this is why I use bib tights with no insert. If you need tights it’s cold and a pair of shorts underneath gives you extra protection for your codlings and you get to use the tights again on dry rides 😉


    So OP, have you washed your dirty keks yet? 😆

    Premier Icon scaled

    I’ve got 3 pairs of bibs on commute duty, one of them are my Castelli ones which motivates me to do a long commute at least once a week to justify the wear/tear of washing them 😀

    If i wear the same shorts more than once it’s a recipe for spotty arse syndrome 🙁


    I dont smell bad and wash my kit when it looks dirty which isnt that often.
    Its presently hanging on the back on the bathroom door post two back to back 100+ milers (and probably a few rides before that) and theres no complaints. Anyone local is more than welcome to pop round and have a sniff.

    Not suprising the world running out of everything with you lot going wash crazy.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    In fact i have bikebouy but, with an eye to wear them for the next 2-3 rides and see how bad it gets.

    I’m lucky in that it’s my business I arrive at and I’m the only one so, no one to offend other than me.

    I’ve just set up the business/just had a kid so money to purchase merino top/new shorts will not be around for the next year so will have to make do with what I have.

    From every ones advice I’ll be setting up a nice little drying rack in the officer cellar to aid in stretching out short life. At present they are still a wee bit damp when I head home on an evening which is horrible.

    Was just interested how many mingers we had in our midst.

    EDIT: LOL and samuri’s top, I have one that is now that exact size, must read washing labels after doing the same to two lovely suit trousers; 😳

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain

    Though I don’t wear bibs or otherwise – I’m a true minger and commute in my work gear most of the year except the three nice days in summer when it’s shorts for the ride – my experience of several days of riding with a tent and no change of clothes is that decent ***anti bacterial*** talc (available from a chemist such as boots, other pharmacists are available) will solve (hide) a multitude of sins and go a long way to solving sores too.

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