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  • Premier Icon skellnonch

    Hi anybody have any experience of these guys, mainly the riding, good price but looking for a bit of tech rather than just straight xc. Spoke to the guy who runs it who seems pretty sound but would like a comparison from someone who’s been if poss. ta>>>>


    Premier Icon ricardo666

    I have been several years on the trot. Didnt go last year due to a months backpacking across South Asia. And I only get the usual 6 weeks off.

    Superb weeks riding, 100% natural riding from the front door, Plenty of climbing, plenty of descending, there are no van/ lift assists to the top, it’s as technical as you want it to be, finding the lines for your style? 5 days all different. I enjoy the Coast day. Each year I have been is totally different from the previous year.

    120 quid will last a week. Food (You will not go hungry), beer, Ice creams on the beach at the end of the ride. He even picks/drops you up at the airport at 1am!

    Premier Icon johnikgriff

    I’d go with the review above. They are tough days but great trails, lots of technical bits thrown in all over the place.

    I went a couple of years ago and every day was different. He’d not been running it long, so was scouting out more and more trails all the time, I believe it’s even better now.

    If I ever get my knee right and my fitness back up, I’ll be straight over there again.

    I took my own bike as he was only just sorting bikes out but I think he has a load of 29ers now, so I’d probably just take pedals next time.

    Premier Icon tthew

    The website’s improved if nothing else!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed a week there a few years ago. I’d say it’s more XC than technical, but that’s a very subjective view. Actually, I think it’s been long enough now that I should probably think about booking another week there. There’s been a few threads on here about this over the last years, don’t think anyone has ever posted a negative comment.

    edit – and I still retain a couple of KoM’s from when I went. 8)
    2nd edit – has Ian bought a better minibus yet? 😆

    Premier Icon danti

    Book marked for later

    Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    Went a few years back, Ian is a top lad,some great riding said before food and beer is good ,and cheap.

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