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    The Flying Scotsman: The Graeme Obree Story

    Read this on holiday a couple of years ago, great book, highly recomended.

    “By his eighteenth birthday David Millar was living and racing in France, sleeping in rented rooms, tipped to be the next English-speaking Tour winner. A year later he’d realised the dream and signed a professional contract. He perhaps lived the high life a little too enthusiastically – he broke his heel in a fall from a roof after too much drink, and before long the pressure to succeed had tipped over into doping. Here, in a full and frank autobiography, David Millar recounts the story from the inside: he doped because ‘cycling’s drug culture was like white noise’, and because of peer pressure. ‘I doped for money and glory in order to guarantee the continuation of my status.’ Five years on from his arrest, Millar is clean and reflective, and holds nothing back in this account of his dark years.”

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    Alastair Humphreys’ round the world books are well worth a read.


    both of mark cavendishes books,

    sky inside the peolton,

    skys the limit,

    Rough ride,

    David Millar.

    Nicholas Roche,

    Ned Boultings 2 books,

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    Ned Boulting’s are great

    Cavendish’s were much better than I expected

    French Revolutions – Tim Moore?

    Really enjoyed “Riding Through the Storm” by Geoff Thomas, the footballer – his story of how he beat cancer and rode the TdF route inspired by some lying American bloke. Pulls no punches on the cancer or the ride, but interesting twist with him being “oh that Geoff Thomas”


    Just changed my job I now have a hour dinner instead of 30 mins so mother has purchased me
    The bike snob book “systematically & mercilessly realigning the world of cycling”

    After pointing it out in waterstones

    I haven’t got into a book sins my first spent allot of time in nicu so a deal was struck if she buys it I have to read it or pay her back

    So what cycle related book in/on your desk/coffee table/next to toilet?

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    I quite liked both of Cav’s books and:

    The Secret Race -Tyler Hamilton
    Obsessive, Compulsive Cycling Disorder – Dave Barter
    Racing Hard – William Fotheringham
    Fallen Angel – William Fotheringham

    I’ve had Domestique by Charly Wegelius recommended to me by a couple of people so will give that a try once I’ve finished Guy Martin’s autobiography.


    French Revolutions – Tim Moore

    Like all of his books it’s laugh out loud funny

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    Alistair Humphries are brilliant.
    Jill Homers books are good.
    “Dividing the great” by John Metcalfe.

    Got to recomend some non cycling though…
    Justin Kronins books are just ace.


    ‘The Cycling Anthology Vol 1-x’ would make great lunchtime reads. They’re collections of pieces by all the good cycling journos/authors out there. Some really cool insight into some of the less well covered bits if cycling.

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    Can you not choose to work your dinner hour and finish work an hr early?.

    Mark Beaumont’s two books of his round the world rides are a good read.

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    I really enjoyed Chris Hoy’s autobiography.

    David Millar’s book is good. Searching for Robert Millar was pretty good too. Reading lantern rouge, at the moment.


    Best one i’ve read recently was “Faster” by Michael Hutchinson, very well written and humorous look at the science of cycling.

    +1 Tyler Hamilton’s “The Secret Race”, amazing the lengths they went to doping from someone there doing it with Lance Armstrong.

    Also really liked the 2 Ned Boulting books, again well written and humuorous.


    Really enjoyed “Riding Through the Storm” by Geoff Thomas

    D’you know, I struggled with that a bit.

    In order –
    The Hour, and Faster, both by Michael Hutchinson – both fantastic, very funny, and with more useful facts and info than any other book on cycling you’ll read
    Chasing The Badger, In Search Of Robert Millar, Heroes, Villains And Velodromes, and The Sky’s The Limit, by Richard Moore – really like his writing, tells a story really well, easy-paced but loads of interesting stuff.

    +1 for One Man And His Bike, and Racing Through The Dark, both shouted previously. William Fotheringham’s stuff, it’s all right but I find that quite hard going – it’s a bit like he’s trying hard to make it artful, instead of just telling the story. He doesn’t remove himself from it either, which is an ironic criticism bearing in mind my appreciation of Michael Hutchinson and Richard Moore, but whilst them being in their books is part and parcel of the narrative, Fothers feels a bit more like he’s waving an “I was there too!” flag sometimes.

    Lot’s of good suggestions up there:

    The Bicycle Book – Bella Bathhurst
    French Revoltions – Tim Moore

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    Two wheels on my wagon by Paul Howard.

    “Faster” by Michael Hutchinson

    This is on my list, will it translate well to a Kindle i.e. little in the way of charts / photos / illustrations etc.?


    No pictures or illustrations, IIRC. However, there is so much useful, interesting and funny information, it’ll be leaking out of your ears for weeks. 🙂 Honestly don’t think there’s a better book about cycling on the market.

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    Just re-reading The Escape Artist by Matt Seaton. Worthwhile read, about cycling and life/death.

    Some good suggestions up there, I can add:
    Charly Wegelius – Domestique
    Sean Yates – It’s All About the Bike

    As a couple of excellent reads


    +1 For One Man and His Bike – Mike Carter. Great read

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    French Revolutions
    The Secret Race

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