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  • Bike bag recomendations?
  • peakmonster

    Hi, going abroad and need a bike bag / luggage to keep my pride and joy safe any recomendations?


    Yep, a good quality bike box (all bike boxes are not the same) from a bike shop, plenty of duct tape, make some kind of shoulder strap for it, or get real creative and stick a castor on one end.

    Then bin it when your home so it doesnt clutter the place up.

    PS, the chain reaction ones look as good as any on a budget.


    I’ve got the Brand-X one that I think they sell on Chain Reaction. I got it because it was £10 cheaper than the Chain Reaction bag that a friend has, but is absolutely identical.

    I then got a mountain bike box from Halfords, cut it down to size and slotted it into the bag to give more protection and make it sturdier. The bag with just the bike in is almost impossible to manouvre, as it’s too flexible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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