Bike bag for trains (not planes)

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  • Bike bag for trains (not planes)
  • I’m looking at a bike bag for sticking my road bike in for train travel, possibly a trip across London on the tube, and to keep it in a hotel. Ideally something foldable so I can use it to cycle to work (about 30 miles) then pop it in it to drag through work without complaints.

    Not planning on flying with it so doesn’t have to be protective/padded.

    Any reason not to buy one of these Tifosi bike bag, or any other suggestions/ideas?

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    ny reason not to buy one of these Tifosi bike bag,


    There’s none in stock 🙂

    Good point, but there are some on Amazon

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    Interesting idea, I hadn’t considered. I travel to Kent 2, or 3 times a year to see my Dad in a nursing home and it would be handy to have my bike to get some rides in as well. I have a bike bag used for flights, how would this be viewed by the railways as an item of luggage rather than a bike to be transported when there are restrictions on the number (or any) bikes on trains?


    That Tifosi bag is huge and you’ll not make it small enough to fit in anything suitable to transport it across London. Think trying to roll up a double sleeping bag with a big thick duvet inside it

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    A bike bag is going to be a right pain on the tube! Things like escalators will be tricky. Doable though, avoid rush hour!

    Can’t you book your bike onto the train and then ride it across London?

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    Yup, I have something similar to the Tifosi one and it’s really bulky. No good for carrying by bike. Velosock would be the posh option or just buy a cheap tarp and knock up a custom bag.

    Cheap tarp isn’t a bad idea actually.

    Evoc bike cover can be had cheap (well, not as expensive as usual) from Silverfish at the moment, good option

    Geometron just aunched one too, I’d have ad that instead if I’d known

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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