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  • Bike bag advice please! (Merlin one any good?)
  • As the title suggests, I’m on the hunt for a bike bag – well two actually. We’re off to Spain in a few weeks (yay!) and so need a couple to take our lovely bikes in.

    We’ve already been advised to pack them out with cardboard too, but what’s a good bag to start with?

    We don’t want to spend a fortune, but obviously do want to protect the bikes. Our weight allowance also isn’t massive, so we can’t afford anything massively heavy even has wheels?

    Anyway, any advice and specific recommendations would be very much appreciated. The Merlin one for £60 sounds alright and is good price wise – anyone had any experience of it, or know of a similarly priced decent bag?

    Cheers! MM

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    MM you work in cheltenham dont you?

    I have two bike bags you can borrow in Malvern if you like.

    If you plan to buy I have a dhb one from wiggle and a planet – x one. Both are fine and were cheap (£60ish). A cheap bag wont be a problem. pack it properly and you wont have a problem. Someone did a great “how to pack a bike bag” post on STW v1.0 but I guess it’s gone now.

    Thanks Stoner – that’d be great! That’s really kind of you. Yep, I work in Cheltenham so Malvern is an easy trip and well worth it to save ourselves £120. Are you sure that would be cool? I’ll send you an email in a bit to work it. Cheers mate! MM

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    no problem.
    they just sit in the loft doing nothing. we dont fly with bikes anymore, we take the camper so they’re really only there for “emergencies”. Seems a waste given how big they are! 🙂

    drop me a line.


    A mate of mine just uses a cardboard bike box.

    Cheers Stoner, YGM

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    MM, what’s the plan for your birthday dinner this evening?

    Haha, sorry! Just making a plan now – will ring in the next 5 mins – I’m hungry!

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