Saddles – Biggest, comfiest, cruiser-style bum-sofa?

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  • Saddles – Biggest, comfiest, cruiser-style bum-sofa?
  • clubber

    First thing is that sofas quite often aren’t very comfortable so don’t assume bigger is more comfortable.

    I’d suggest a mid-sized, well padded saddle, maybe gel but check for reviews to ensure that they’re not of the type where the softness just means that you sink through the padding onto the hard shell underneath.


    take it the current Brompton saddle is not to his liking?

    for short rides the bontrager recreational saddles are nice ( i fitted one to the the wife bike) + they have a money back guarantee if not comfy

    Click for info

    Click for more

    also i had fitted one of these to someone elses bike and have done some short shopping ride on it with jeans on etc.. again comfy

    Selle Royal Ondina – comes in black or brown, sprung plus gel and is a retro style

    Click for a black one

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    My dad’s after uber-comfort for his Brompton.

    His walking’s limited, so the Brompton goes in the car and extends his range getting round towns/cities when he’s away. He’s not putting much through the pedals or the wrists, and it’s only occasional use, so no time to get hardened up to anything.

    No speacial “saddle shape is very personal” here, cos I’d imagine it’s not that critical here?

    Any ideas?

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    Thanks rootes, I just found the Specialized Expedition plus, but those look pretty good too, I’ll check them out.

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