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  • Biggest cassette on 10 speed medium cage mech?
  • Right. I’m thinking about sticking a 46 tooth 10 speed cassette on my bike. It’s currentl running a 40 tooth expander.
    Will a short cage mech handle the big cassette?
    I’m really reluctant to run a long cage mech.

    Or…. would it be better to go to 11 speed, is there any advantage??

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    I’m running a 42t with a medium SLX c/w Goatlink, I think it would be fine with a 44t, not sure about a 46t.

    You can take a look at my set up at some point- may help you gauge how big you can get away with.

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    Advantages of 11spd: It’s designed to work together without faffing and bodging and the shift quality will always be better than any expanded 10spd setup because of the first point. Gear spread potentially an advantage if cadence-minded although Shimano does muck this up a bit in places.

    Disadvantages of 11spd: Heavier (if Shimano), potentially range limitations as compared to 2×10 – worse if Shimano, depends to an extent on parts chosen, cost.

    I’m sure there are plenty more plusses and minuses. As with most things MTB there’s a big element of user preference.

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    Depends on the mech. I think ZEE is limited to about 34 or 36t unless you are going to muck about with the cage but XT has more potential capacity? You might find the capacities on CRC or another big retailer in the product description. Probably easier than looking for the manuals online.

    I am likely going to go down to a 30t up front while I get some winter fitness back and keep 11-40 (x9 mech on that bike). Don’t know if that’s work for you as an alternative.

    If not and it were me I would go over to 11 or 12 speed or possibly go back to a double + 10 speed over complex bodging.


    Zee works fine with 40t, not had an issue three years.

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    42 on my med mech here with pilot link

    works superbly.


    42T No problem with XT rear mech using an extra long B Screw.

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    Medium SLX ok with Sunrace 11-42t 10sp cassette on my Mega.
    You might be ok with a medium on the 46, if not would have thought a long cage would be ok.


    Medium cage SLX with Sunrace 11-42T 10spd is fine on my fat bike, no need for longer B-screw or Goat Link or whatever. Don’t think the B-screw is anywhere near maxed out.


    Sunrace 11-42 10sp, xt with RAD cage. Pefect shifting for the year or so ive had it.

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    11-46 sunrace with a RadR and pilo linked zee mech, shifts fine.

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    I was using a Deore M615 with an 11-40 which is about the limit for that mech, but I’m fancying a bigger range cassette so I ordered a “Derailleur hanger extension” (basically a poor mans version of the Wolf Tooth Road Link) from ebay for ~£2 (actually ordered two with a view to maybe extending my CX bikes gearing).

    It arrived the other day, admittedly the finish is a bit rough but it should do the job, looks like it will lower the mech about 15mm-ish…

    But are SunRace (or similar) doing a cheapish 11-44t or 11-46t 10speed cassette yet?

    I’ve not seen many, failing that, is there an extender?

    I reckon the cost/benefit break point probably comes once you are throwing more than ~£50-60 at a 10spd ‘bodge’, after that you will probably start mulling the ~£250ish for proper 1×11…

    Sunrace do a 46 tooth cassette in 10 speed for £60


    Zee range is not really enough to be honest. . Mine with goatlink is ok with 40t but then runs slack in 11t. This is on a hardtail. Would be awful on a fs with chain growth. When it is time for a new cassette I’m going to swap to 11sp on this bike.
    Xt on the other hand, Med cage, 42t, fs bike runs great. B screw shenanigans not needed. Once the other bike is on 11sp I’ll probably pop the goat link on this one and see if a 46t sunrace will go. Fairly new 10sp ispec saint shifter so don’t want to have to bin that

    Cheers for the info so far………..

    At the moment running 40 tooth expander on a FS bike, no goat links no weird B screw it just works and works fine in all gears. Didnt really notice a difference from the standard 36 tooth cassette.

    If its going to be a faff with weird and wonderful bodging then i will probably go 11 speed eventually and stick with what I have for now.

    Most likely be on the winter hardtail for a few months and its on classic 2 x 10 deore never misses a beat!

    To go back to my first post.

    Has anyone successfully used the 46 tooth sunrace cassette with a medium cage mech on a 10 speed set up?

    Yes I run an 11-46 10 speed but with an 11 speed medium cage derailleur!

    I tried it with a medium cage 10 speed M615 Deore and apparently some people can get it to work. The range wasn’t the problem, clearance on my bike was very tight between the cable stop arm and cassette teeth, it skimmed the teeth on 15t. I could of made it work with some slight modification!

    If you get an 11 speed derailleur now, you can use it with your 10 speed set up and it will see you right when you finally fully upgrade.


    I have been running a 10sp 42 with a Zee mech on my HT for years with no issues. I use the B tension screw to keep the chain tight on the 11.

    I think a 46 would probably work as the mech has a little stretch left however it will probably increase wear due to the angles.

    It is also frame specific due to the position of the mech mount to rear axle. I have horiz drops and in longest CS position the mech hits the cogs so I had to take a little bit off the mech for it to work. Even then its a little temperamental mid cassette.


    I have been pondering this too. I have decided that I’m as well going for 1×11 SLX rather than trying to bodge an 11-46 10sp. I borrowed an 11-46 to try with an M786 mech and the mech was nowhere near clearing the 46t sprocket.

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    Sunrace 11-46 11sp with a 10sp deore mech modded with a RAD cage. Shifts well enough for me.

    the 11spd-mech-on-a-10spd-shifter thing works

    and solves the jockey clearance and cage length issues on wide cassettes


    I wonder what range you can get with the new m6000 mech designed for the 10speed 11-42 cassette.


    Isn’t the new 11 speed Shimano shifter 11/10/9 speed selectable from the shifter? And if so, could you run 10 speed using a 11 speed mech and shifter?

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