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  • Bigger helmet than a large Giro Feature?
  • gobuchul

    I have a massive swede!

    The only helmets that fit me are either Giro or Spesh in XL. All the other brands are too small.

    My Giro is a Hex I think.

    My 661 recon was bloody huge. IXS Trail is also pretty big.


    I have a big head and am running around in a Hardnutz large hat and this fits a treat and is, I think, the comfiest “fit and forget” helmet I’ve had for years.

    Not daft money either – I object to paying massive sums for what is, in effect, compressed packing material.

    I need a new lid or two so ordered a Giro Feature and Foray.

    The foray fits although like most lids it looks a bit daft with almost an inch between my ears and the helmet, but with the adjuster wound right off the shell fits the shape of my head perfectly.

    The Feature rather disappointingly doesn’t, it’s too short front to back.
    Are there any other bargain trail helmets that would fit a big head?

    Hex was going to be my next try. Untill the Feature Giro’s have always fit me perfectly which is really annoying as I liked the idea of slightly more protection and I liked the low profile. I’ll try 661 as IIRC they’re part of the same company?

    Has anyone got any info on the On-One helmets and how they size up?

    Premier Icon Shackleton

    I have a large head and the only lid big enough to fit me these days is a bluegrass goldeneyes. Ixs trail close second but is too narrow across the temples.

    Premier Icon househusband

    Have you tried Specialized helmets, thisisnotaspoon?

    I always used to find that Giro were the only ones to fit my large head but have more recently found Spesh helmets more comfortable and better fitting.


    For generally big heads:
    Troy Lee A1 in XL/XXL which is basically a luxuriously padded bucket
    Bell Super and its many iterations also big enough to have its own postcode in the larger size

    Bell Stoker is very much like a Feature but with a rounder shape

    For big heads that are quite narrow:
    Met Parabellum
    Smith Forefront

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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