Bigger chainrings for road 1x/Grrrrravelly towpath

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  • Bigger chainrings for road 1x/Grrrrravelly towpath
  • submarined

    Do they exist without having to remortgage? With some shuffling about I can do 104 BCD, assymetric 96, or SRAM DM. Providing there’s clearance, I’d like something around the 44/46 sort of area. Nearest I can find is the AbsoluteBlack one which is, well, not cheap. Currently sporting a 50/34.

    Superstar do 42 GXP DM, but even with my tiny legs, that’s going to be a bit small with the 8sp 11-32 on the back of my commute bike. (#reallynotabloodyhumblebrag)

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    salsa/ dimension/ qbp used to do a 48T 104mm bcd single ring.

    if you can shuffle a 110BCD crank then the market is slightly bigger (either 5-bolt or 4-bolt).

    Wolftooth do 44t and 46t but aren’t cheap either.


    Would you not be able to buy a cheap hybrid chainset for that amount of money and just remove the granny ring?


    Cheers peeps.
    I probably should have also stated a preference for NW. I head cross country on my commute sometimes and decent chain retention would be a boon. Concerned that just sticking a normal ring on with a non clutch mech (Claris) would lead to very little in the way of security.

    And before anyone shouts ‘why?’ it’s because the rings on the chainset are worn out, the BB is knackered, and the mech is all floppy. I’ve got as much as I can out of this setup, I really have!

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