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  • Big thanks- Were you at Pines today?
  • chilled76

    The wife managed to bin it on a corner today. Knocked herself out and then didn’t have a clue what day of the week it was, where she was or even a frame of reference for what time of year it was. Really scary stuff trying to deal with it. Kept asking me the same questions then getting distressed as she didn’t have a clue where she was or how she’d got there. Told her at least ten times it was Saturday then she’d forget again and start asking the same questions.

    Fair few people just rode past and left me to it but two separate people stopped and helped out.

    If you were one of those two, thank you very much. Please post up if you were one of the two….

    One of you was on an on one ti 456 with blue anodised parts.. and the other fella I don’t recall what you were riding but you phoned up and sorted out the lift for us.

    Anyway I owe you both beer!

    She’s alright now, got a massive fat lip, a knee the size of Russia and a 20 minute period of no memory at all…but fingers crossed no lasting damage.

    Thanks again.


    Oh and in case there was a similar incident at another point, she was the lass with the xs light blue Cotic Bfe


    hope you went to the hospital. sounds like a pretty nasty bang to the head. best be safe


    Yeh we did. Didn’t even crack her helmet but thought better be safe than sorry. Been winding her up telling her she’s just got a glass jaw.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Glad all ok. I got knocked out in tumbles in Dec and Feb after 20 plus years riding with no more than cuts and bruises. Its quite scary and a horrid feeling of confusion. I still have no detailed memory of the crashes, probs just as well 🙂

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    It’s not nice when that happens.
    I had similar with a friends 14 year old son – first time I took him off for ride – and he binned a corner on Spooky Woods. He had no idea of the day, or why he was in the woods with some strange kids and odd bloke who wouldn’t let him run off…
    We had similar, in that a good few rode past, but at least half either checked in or offered proper help.
    Glad your mrs is fine…


    Worst bit is I got her into riding about 8 months ago. Few wet rides through the winter then last weekend was her first taste of trail dust… started really ripping! Then this weekend this happened, really hoping it doesn’t put her off the sport as it’s been a great way to spend time together and I felt like she had the potential to end up riding competitively.


    I’ve had that happen twice, first time was as an immature BMX rider with no helmet, head met tree. Second time I over jumped a double & nose dived wearing a full face. It’s horrible at the time but all works itself out, I was eventually able to remember the crashes after a short while. Good luck with the recovery.

    Premier Icon Clover

    Hope she’s ok. I didn’t go down quite as badly on my first proper ride with bf but I did look like a victim of domestic violence for a bit. Didn’t put me off (although binning it was because I bonked, didn’t realise what was happening and why I was suddenly all over the place) and I now race 😉


    All joking aside. Get her to spend as much time as possible in bed with the lights off doing nowt. A couple of mates have been through some seriously bad times due to knocking themselves out and not letting themselves recover. Lots of new research around saying how much more serious it is than previously thought.


    Ouch hope the other half recovers quickly and it doesn’t put her off riding again.

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