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  • Big Spanish hi-rise fire.
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    Seems to be Grenfell all over again, inhabitants who’ve escaped say the building had foam-back aluminium cladding all over the outside:

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    It’s probably best not to speculate. There are people on here who know Grenfell residents.

    I hope they all got out okay

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    A quick look around the ‘Campanar’ neighbourhood on google maps suggests a lot of very dense multi storey flats and apartments…

    And it doesn’t look like the most affluent area of the city.. building materials aside, It’s never a great idea to have such dense buildings and population.

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    Most people live in high-density flats like that here in Spain. Franco started it all in the 1950s with low cost, high volume housing for workers migrating to the cities and, being a country notoriously averse to change, it continues to be the prefered way of living for many.

    What really surprised me when we moved here was how clueless people are to the risks of fire. Smoke alarms, fire escapes, fire doors just don’t exist. Throw in the infamous disdain for building regulations and I am not surprised that incidents like this don’t happen more often.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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