Big Smile on my face thanks to Rodney Mullen.

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  • Big Smile on my face thanks to Rodney Mullen.
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    If it’s been done, it was probably a while ago. There’s a lot of enthusiasm in that man!


    And a bit more if you’re in the mood:



    Thanks. Never watched the second one before. 24-25 mins is incredible.

    Was reading about Kelly Slater the other day on something like how he’s the highest paid sports person of 2012 (75 million) and I’m watching Mullens precision/fitness/skill and everything else and for two guys at the top of their game (both boardsports) it’s crazy how much Slater has earned. Who knows what Mullen earned but it’s nothing like Slater has. :O/

    ..and when I say ‘two guys at the top of their game’ I know we’re talking a jump of 2 decades between them but I’m struggling to find guys on boards in all the latest clips doing anything like he was doing around 92. Just amazing.


    Rodney Mullen! 2 words I haven’t heard in a long time. That guy was amazing!

    Boba Fatt

    Rodney Mullen is one of those sports stars that deserves way more recognition outside skateboarding than he gets currently. It’s a cliche, but he is the godfather of progression in skateboarding and especially street skating…….which without street skating, we’d be talki

    about skateboarding as some mythical thing from the 70’s.

    Really sad that he had such a domineering father that held nothing but disappointment towards his son and didn’t support him at all even when he was winning every competition at that time and picking up lucrative sponsorship from Powell. Considering all that e still manages to come across humble and thankful for everything that he’s done.

    Anyhoo, Almost Round 3 part:


    Plan B Questionable when he didn’t even call himself a street skater:


    Oh yeah, watch Bones Brigade: An Autobiography (on Netflix at the moment) It’s a good trip down memory lane, and loads of Mullen

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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