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  • samuri

    I borrowed a friends compo once. The thing just said "go fast downhill, go fast on singletrack, just go fast", so I did. Faster and faster. The bike begged me to give it even more. I did. Sadly, I couldn't match the bike.

    We leaped, the bike and I off a reasonably big jump, we flew, the bike and I through the air. We hit, a tree, me, not the bike. And we did a backflip, the bike and I. The bike flew off to follow it's own destiny, as did I. Thump, said I. "Eh?", said the earth, for I had fallen on it.

    A party of walkers rushed over and asked me if I was OK and the rule is, always answer yes. If your leg has been left behind, it is only a flesh wound. I rode off smiling and laughing and thanking the walkers because this was nothing, nothing at all.

    I returned home and checked the damage out. I'd been hurting, quite a lot. Looks like I have another life wound. My shoulder has been marked fgorlife, by a tree.


    My big offs mainly do put me in Hospital.

    Two of the luckier times i: Went over the bars at speed and landed 2 feet from a swollen sheep carcass and hit a grassy corner too fast and slid off a over 30mph, i slid along way and removed several layers of skin from most of my shoulder and upper arm, still quite a textured scar from it now.

    I used to bounce so much better!

    Premier Icon nickc

    Hit a branch a couple of weeks back, bike stopped dead, i carried on, landed on my face and right hand, thought I'd bust my hand it hurt so much, but X rays the following day was clear, still hurts a bit now


    Had a massive stack over clent tonight riding to fast on a steep trail i have never been on before im lucky i havent ended up in hospital god knows how i ended up with just a cut knee probably was thrown 20ft

    It's a saft sport but will be back out friday

    Following some local riders on an xc loop at Woburn sands a couple of months back. They told us they were taking us down a steep fast run called the rollercoaster. "Theres a right turn at the bottom with a small jump leading into it" they said. "Watch the jump because it can be quite dodgy" and off they went.

    The rest of us all looked at each other for a while to see who'd go first. Eventually I went "Ok I'll go next". By the time I hit the downhill bit, the local riders had gone. So I hit the downhill section the only way you should on a Prince Albert – as fast as possible. I saw the jump and the exit and lined up nicely.

    At the last second I realised that what I thought ws the exit was actually nothing and the right turn was much, much sharper so I hurredly started to scrub some speed off.

    Hit the jump completely wrong, still trying to slow down to make the turn. Went over the bars at the highest point and remember heading towards the underside of an overturned large tree stump.

    My mates behind had fleeting images of air ambulances before seeing me in the middle of th dust and dirt, kicked up by my spectacular stack, jumping up and down going "**** me, I'm ok!!"

    Woburn seems to be my lucky crash place *touch wood*. I always crash in the most dramatic fashion, only to walk away.

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Got a line very, very wrong on False Teeth at C-Y-B, mashed the rear wheel and cracked the frame in two places. I walked away with nothing more than a bruise on my calf (did ****' hurt though!)

    Premier Icon firestarter

    i went over the bars in scotland and hit head and chest into the rocks at speed after my front wheel got caught. Last thing i remember was the blast of air leaving my mouth as my chest hit. I broke my helmet too. I drove back to leeds feeling odd and throwing up and went to a and e a day or so later . I was kept in over night getting woke up every hour then mri scan to check for bleed on brain or skull fracture 🙂 lucky it was just concussion my head wasnt right for weeks tho 🙁 got a new helmet bars seat and jersey tho to replace tho ones i bust without mrs moaning tho so ideal chance to upgrade 🙂

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    My mate (neverfastenough) had a big off back in the Summer, landing on his head.
    The only ones to walk away were the paramedics carrying him on a spinal board.
    He was ok though.
    Obviously faking it.
    Big jessie… 🙂


    I was out over Clent last night, may of seen you as we bumped into a few other riders (we were the 2 on 29ers). very fast conditions at the moment.

    My mate stacked there last week at the bottom of a very fast descent and bent his front wheel beyond repair (it was stamped back into 'shape' to limp back to the car park). So easy to build up speed but a lot harder to scrub it off again when you need to…..

    Glad you are ok though and i take it your bike escaped undamged too?


    I had a mahoosive one going down some whoopy moorland a couple of years back, the type with plenty of step ups/downs in through erosion, but hit them right and you can leap from lip to lip on them. Sadly I didn't.

    Egged on by my mate on a Nomad, early summer sunshine and dry ground and a new Stumpy Expert underneath me, I went balls out trying to keep up.
    It was going well and i'd got a nice rhythm of splatting a couple of the holes at a time then jumping every third one. Then I hit one too hard and it kicked me back out of it at what can only be described as a 'jaunty angle'. It got worse and worse and I got more and more out of control whilst accelerating. Eventually parted company with the bike doing about 30mph and god knows how spat out of my SPDs so didn't tangled up with it. Did a full somersault and landed on my back in the heather, friction burns a plenty and a torn riding jersey as I slowed down from warp factor 5. The bike didn't fair so well: I caught glimpse of it as I landed being speared on to a rock on the other side of the trail and catapulting about 15ft in to the air. Knackered derailleur, snapped bars, heavily damaged rear shock and scratches/full on graunches a plenty.

    Count myself very lucky considering it was about ten days before the start of the alpine guiding season, the bike got plenty of hammer that summer so the aesthetic damage wasn't too big a deal. Managed to break my thumb on an innocious bit of trail about two months later though. BUM 🙁


    I was hacking through some singletrack in my local trails (Thetford) maybe an inch or two behind my mate's back wheel, urging him to go quicker and quicker and quicker. We exited a couple of berms when he slowed down, not much but he slowed down, he drifted left as I was drifting right, I clipped his back wheel and flew over the bars. I had enough time to realise that I was going to hit a tree with my collar bone (no way I could avoid it). It wasn't a big tree (maybe 6 inches diameter) but it was enough to hurt. I thought "this is going to sting" and then impact. My collar bone hit the tree………. and I carried on going. The tree was completely rotten and disintegrated to powder. Luckiest escape I have had for a while.


    My made came off at Afan, where the trail bends sharply to the left, over a stream, somewhere along Skyline I think. No idea how it happened, and neither does he, but when I came up behind he was standing 6' down in the stream and his bike was hanging upside down off the bridge. No damage to either!


    Thanks for waiting till i'm not there Neil! Manure fans where shocking last night, must've been all the plastics rather than real fans!


    One that stands out from a long time ago:

    We had this trail that we used to hit regularly which had series of stone walls that had broken down in places. The trail crossed over these walls and we had managed, over time, to build up jumps to clear the walls. This one afternoon I was flying down the trail trying to hit the wall jumps as fast as I could when one of them catapulted me forwards and off the bike. The ground to the side of the trail was nice and soft and I ended up unscathed lying on my back. I sat up and looked back up the hill to see my bike cartwheeling towards me. There was no time to react so my instinct was to just turn away. Unfortunately turning away didn’t alter the bikes flight path and it continued to plant the end of the bar on the back of my head, which was luckily covered by my helmet. No word of a lie; there was a 3/4mm deep impression of my bar-end cap in the polystyrene – x-lite motif and all. That could’ve been a whole lot worse!!!

    And not mtb but…

    On my first boarding season I met a few mates who were all egging each other on to do bigger and more scary stuff. We spent one afternoon building this kicker over a stream out the back of the hotel we were working at. The gap was about 20ft. The landing was flat but there was a nice 2ft layer of soft, fluffy powder to cushion the landing; all you had to do was clear the gap. Two of the guys hit it with no problems then it was my turn. As I dropped in across the off-camber run-in I lost my edge a touch. I should’ve bailed it there but had this macho thing running through my head. So I continued to the kicker whilst trying to keep speed and regain proper control of the board and consequently sliced across the kicker at completely the wrong angle. I still almost cleared the gap but almost wasn’t enough and I landed on the bank of the stream, directly on my femur. The bank of the stream was lined with what resembled a telegraph pole or a largish tree trunk. It was seriously painful – I thought I had broken my right femur and that was my season over. I recall screaming hard but no-one else heard anything. With the aid of my mates I managed to unclip and drag myself out of the stream. My thigh swelled up to twice the size and I found it hard to walk but after two weeks of no riding (i.e. lots of drinking) I was back on the snow. I must have done some serious muscle damage as my lower quadriceps above the knee still has a huge divot when compared to the other. didn't walk away but I limped away with no broken bones…

    i stalled on a 15ft high 'A' frame on the approach to this:

    (you can just see it on the left of the shot)

    grabbed a couple of branches on the way down but they all came off in my hand. Jarred my wrist slightly but that was it, even managed to avoid the bike hitting me. Apparently i did quite a graceful pirouette in the air to get my legs in the right place for landing.

    Stupid thing was i'd already done the stunt and was showing another guy how to do it 😆


    I think the most frightening off I've had was on the Glen Tilt singletrack, which I'd been looking forward to riding for ages. It was all going well until I lost front wheel traction on a section and had a small o'the bars (blaming this on high psi xc tyres that I had on for the Cairngorm tour). After this my confidence completely disappeared and I fell again and again, the last one was a simple slip whilst rolling over an exposed rock, I tried to dab and my foot slipped – whoah… next thing I know I'm somersaulting down towards the river 50ft below, I thought my card was marked, fortunately I landed in some well placed heather but from then on my riding went from fun to survival.

    Other falls have been more exciting and at higher speed but none have actually felt that mortally frightening.

    That Shore stunt is fully mental – I think I've seen the video somewhere of a bunch of brits riding it, possibly you MrMW? chapeau indeed!

    Dusty Lilac

    I clipped a pedal sprinting for the line on Windy Point at the Mash-Up earlier this year, landed on my back in soft stuff between some pretty big rocks. Was wearing a Camelback which worked very well as body armour. I crossed the line on foot as I couldn't see my bike it had travelled so far. Incredibly lucky with the bike too, bars had moved, tubeless front tyre blown off the rim – otherwise perfect.

    I was flying through the air fully expecting to be off to hospital, but apart from a couple of minor nicks and being a bit less over-excited I finished the event and enjoyed my riding for the rest of the weekend.


    Mr Tall

    I was fine just broke the the saddle but needed another one anyway clent is so fast at the moment

    thanks acjim – not me on the vid, that'd probably have been the Jedi council. It's actually not a very skilful stunt, just a 'get the speed right and hang your balls out in the breeze' job. Riding it has actually pretty much put me off 'freeride', much as it was a massive buzz, i just don't want to be that scared again hence the stack on the second attempt.

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