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  • Firsty – This is not intended to come across as condescending, so please don't take it that way – you've made a good step by initially recognising that you might have some problems – I've got a mate in a very similar situation to you. The thing he's done – and I'd recomend this to you – is go to your doctor and talk about any issues you might feel you are having with the drink / weed. I think if you want to get out of this 'mess' (as you put it) you're likely to need some help – and this will make it easier for you in the long run. My mate is finally (after many years!) attending a drink/drugs programme, which is a very positive step.

    You've recognised that your friends may be part of the problem – and in fact I had a similar issue a few years back – standing in the same social circles just leads you to repeat the same things over and over. A clean break, with help, is probably what you need.

    There are lots of positives to come out of this and I'm sure you'll find them.


    Very best of luck with it mate. I knew a guy (who before it all I would have considered a friend) who went completely off the rails due to weed after he split with his girlfriend.

    He cried at work, would spend every last penny on drugs and it messed him up to the point where she had to take out a restraining order against him. His life completely fell to bits, and I've sworn I'll never touch anything because of it.

    Glad to see you're finding a way out before you get into such a state.

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    If you want the same results, keep doing the same thing – that's a good rule in life 🙂

    So good luck, and I hope this change works out for you.


    Realised the other day that since me n the misses split 3 months ago i have been wasting both time and money on way too much weed and beer, so 3 days ago i made the decision to stop, then this morning while stock taking i lost all vision in my left eye went very dizzy and couldnt stand, fortunatly (or not) i was on my own in the shop so just sat on the floor untill my head sorted its self out and then got on with my day as best i could,

    this evening i spent some time with a few mates i have known since i split with the ex and realised that if im going to do this whole detox and sorting of my life then these people cant be part of my social life.

    im now in a flipping huge mess and cant sleep because i have been using the beer and weed to get me to sleep, but at least i have realised what i need to do and im just going to get on with it! but on the flip side, the ride home was a lot easier tonight due to not drinking or smoking! so at least there is one positive out of this! meh! :s


    thanks for the support guys, i have thought about getting some help and its on the list of things to do tomorrow well today, if i can get to sleep! just in the middle of a huge purge and im just glad that im on the road to sorting all this out, 🙂


    Good effort mate – wish you all the best. Weed is great for killing pain & killing time but not much else.


    they don't call it weed cos it makes your brain clever now do they..


    gohan, well done mate, I smoked pretty much every day for 10 years before I realised the pretty dreadful effect it was having on my mind, i did other drugs every weekend and sometimes during the week, and its weird when you stop, after a couple of weeks you realise you've been walking around in a haze for so long. Stick with it, drug free is so much better than drugged up, don't believe anyone that tells you otherwise, they're full of shit (literately!).

    Also its a sad but true fact that if your friends are doing it, then its probably best if you stop going out with them, no need to stop seeing them totally, but avoid nights out with them or situations that will lead to temptation, its a slippery slope.

    Oh and ride. Lots!

    Good luck!


    How about joining riding club, or another sports club. You will make new friends, who are more likely to be healthy, and the extra energy used should help you sleep.
    The loss of sight, dizziness and lack of sleep could be more stress related so yoga, Tai chi or something you have always fancies doing but not had the time might help. Try to remember you need to relax and unwind as well as keeping busy.

    I hope it works out, it sounds like you are getting there and moving forward.

    All the best

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    Good luck with the detox. Watch your caffiene intake doesn't increase, mine did after redundancy and sleeping regular hours got difficult.

    Can't speak for the booze but I was in a similar situation with the weed a while ago.
    What i did find was that for the first couple of weeks I slept very badly with very weird dreams. At times I thought maybe one sliff before bed would help me sleep but thankfully i didn't. You'll notice that once your sleep paterns return to normal the quality of sleep will be much better and you won't need as much, and theirs the bonus of when you wake up in the morning you feel you can take on the world and win. The extra energy and clear mind that you'll have will make it all worth while.
    Stick with it, you'll look back in a couple of months and wonder why you ever smoked it.
    Natural highs are a million times better.


    +1 with Wharton. Caned weed for about 10 years, didnt drink as dope was my drug of choice. One day I realised I had to stop, just a culmination of things. Didnt sleep for about a week then things improved and I felt loads better. Had a joint about 3 years later and just didnt enjoy it at all. Glad I stopped.

    Stick with it it will work out.

    weed never appealed to me, but i did give up the booze for 3 months,

    2 months in I got bored of being self rightious, boring tit and went out for a beer.


    I split up with my missus of 8 years about 5 years ago.. I'd been with her since college, when we split I didn't hit drugs or alcohol but I did stop eating.. I dropped to about 9 stone, I wasn't eating because I felt that was all I had control of, I lost my buzz for anything, didn't want to ride, run, swim, climb or anything else I love doing.

    Strong supportive mates will pull you through this chap, the thing you've got to remember is that you're at the bottom right about now, there's only one way to go now you've realised that the weed wasn't doing it for you

    Best of luck chap


    well played for stopping. i used to smoke a lot as well, and also came to the realisation about what a complete waste of money and drain on motivation/brain power it was. there'll be many times when you'll think about having a cheeky spliff, or just a few goes on someone else's, thinking it won't matter but two things i found it really helpful to consciously bring to mind at such times are that it's just the start of getting back into it, and to consciously acknowledge the thought process that made you want to stop and remember the positive reasons to resist. good luck!

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    As for the weed, you'll be struggling to get to sleep and sweating till the sheets are wet thriugh each night, havingg the most vivid / odd dreams – but it does only last about a week – pretty bad headaches as well – oh and finding yourself in a complete daze / trance like even – have fun 😯

    Ditch the so called mates – trust me on that one, its the only way – you'll find new mates when you start doing other things with your life rather than living in your own stoned, drunken bubble – that wont happen instantly buit will over time – stick with it

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    Singletrack dope quitting club anyone?


    Similar story here too, I gave up pot about three years ago after about 13 years of smoking and had about a week of not sleeping followed by the most bizarre dreams. If you'd have said to me three years ago that I'd be happy pot free I'd have disagreed and told you that I was a smoker for life.

    I don't regret a day of it. Much more active now, out riding / climbing 'til it gets dark rather than sacking it off and going home for a smoke half way through the day. Granted I didn't have any other issues to deal with and count myself as very lucky. It's not going to be easy, but will be well worth it.

    I agree with Roper and find somewhere that does Yoga or Tai Chi, flaming scary the first time I went to yoga, but by god did it help with the sleeping, and learning to relax.

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    i lost all vision in my left eye went very dizzy and couldnt stand

    I'm not a medic but that sounds a bit dodgy to me.

    Have you had any other symptoms like that?
    Might be an idea to see a doc if you have. You don't want to miss something more serious just because you are dismissing it as a comedown.


    Gohan, all the best mate. I havent had any alcohol since last weekend nor will I do so until tomorrow night. You have the added weed in. Im finding it hard but I dont feel sleepy all the time, feel perkier and have abit more energy today. I reckon cane the weed/booze on just one night every week. I cant wait until tomorrow night!!!


    once again cheers for the words guys, had a really weird dream last night where i was being chased around coventry by a predator……….. not sure which bit of that dream was the worst, coventry or an alien hunter……… any way off to the doctors in an hour to get checked out, thanks again guys! 😆

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