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  • WackoAK

    went to the LBS at lunch to get a Tubeless ready Big Earl tyre – on getting back to the office I noticed it's not the TLR version, just the standard 2.5 Wet version (TLR is 2.35 I think).

    Anyone had any experiece of using these tubeless? I have 819 rims so would some sealant and lots of pumping (oo-er) sort it? Or should should I just take it back?

    Actually inflated on 819 without sealant and held air well. Bit of bonty juice and stayed up fine. Mud X on the other hand, needs latex as the super juice doesn't hold pressure.
    Loads of grip and worked really well at low pressures, particularly in forest of dean, but xc in Cotswold clay wasn't such a good idea (no clearance).

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    I don't know whether it will inflate BUT… having used both sets of tyres I would recommend taking it back because the 2.35 TR WET is a fantastic tyre and IMO rolled a lot better than the 2.5 and gripped just as well. It's pretty big for a 2.35.

    I used my 2.35 TR until it looked like this and it was fantastic in everything except for really claggy mud:


    cheers for the replies, I'll phone them and see if they have the TRL in stock then decide. I have a ride planned tomorrow so don't fancy faffing about all evening trying to get it inflated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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