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  • lucien

    Took big betty’s to the Alps this year, and in the dry I thought they were awesome. I like the fact they come up big, as per the name. A couple of times there was light rain which made the French mud greasy, and I was all over the place and off a few times. Wear wise, there is quite a lot after 3 weeks of riding, but to be fair I was riding most days. Reckon there is a bit more life in them yet, but won’t be keeping them on for winter. Just bought some wired MM’s from at a stupid cheap price (circa £30 each).


    As lucien says. Great in the dry and very fast on hardpacked trails (for a big tyre); but I found them near lethal on wet Scottish rocks and roots so binned them ad went to Rubber Queens which I love despite the expense.


    Has any one used big betty or muddy marys for their downhill or “freeride” type bikes. Cant find any decent reviews for the betty’s. seen the muddy mary’s in perfomrance guise which seems quite cheep but how do they fare to the normal ones.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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