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  • Big balance bike?
  • Could he cope with a single brake? In which case would a cruiser BMX / “Big BMX” (google it)/ DMR Drone Reptoid type thing be sutiable. If it’s a single speed he could just put his feet on the pedals if he wanted to without actually pedalling.


    There was a thread some time ago about someone who built one for this exact reason. I’ll do a search.
    Edit; here it is;


    Buy a suitable sized BMX remove cranks, chain and rear cog, you then have a good sized balance bike which can have the drive train refitted when he’s ready.

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    maybe look at an old Raleigh shopper type thing with all running gear removed – they’re step through so he can dismount easily and no top tube to catch himself on plus the seat tube is very short so saddle can be dropped really low for confidence?

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    My son likes his scooter and shows interest in bikes, but is incapable of dealing with all of the sensory issues at once (autism) and he is a tall 7 year old.

    I bought the largest Puky balance bi,e, which is nicely made, but turns out to be far too small. Does any one have any ideas upon building a larger one?

    I wonder if taking the running gear off a normal bike would be the only option?


    Re: wwaswas’s suggestion above which is a good one, I think I can get you a Raleigh Shopper if needed. Give me a shout.

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    I did the one in ^ that thread.

    I’m half working on a new design and might make a small batch sometime soon (probably just at minimal cost for materials then supply your own wheels etc). Email is in my profile but off to Bespoked show tomorrow so no comms. until next week.

    Top tip – seat needs to be very low (bent leg when feet flat on floor) so a stripped BMX / shopper might work (with some lower bars).


    That ^ thread was for my nephew.

    I’d suggest start by taking everthing off a normal bike: except the wheels and saddle: no bell, brakes, reflectors….., then walking, then scooting on a gentle down slope. A grass surface helped nervous parents.

    Any questions, let me know – my email’s in profile.

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    Cheers all. Under the wood, I’ll be in touch on this and the big K obviously.
    I will digest what’s on here and get back to you all. Thanks very much.


    mick, i will be in touch. i should have been at bespoked tomorrow but cant make it now! have a good show, was great last year!

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    Mick_r YGM

    Couldashoudawoulda, thanks I’ll be in touch.

    Teaching Nicholas to ride a bike has been such a desperately unsuccessful thing so far. He has a scooter, but it doesn’t really help to translate balance to a bike. But pedalling, steering, braking and not falling over is not likely. Too much to deal with, and ends in tears as a result.

    I took him out on the Puky and he dwarfed it, but did his best, bless him, and loved it! I felt so guilty as it is obviously so small for him. I have his old bike,which is a little Giant, and I could strip it down to bare essentials just to help him get a start, but I just feel the proper balance bike would work so much better, the weight of the giant and the little wheels won’t help.

    Also, I have no idea if Nicholas will ever progress to using pedals too, who knows. Part of the fun of parenting I suppose.

    I’m wondering if we had a similar bike to yours but extendable maybe (in a secure way in the down tube) and then use disc brakes which wouldn’t matter if he started with 20″ wheels. It would look odd, but it would provide a foundation which could size up as he grows…..

    damn they grow fast!

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