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    Anyone know of companies that do road rides in the alps, from point to point, transporting the bags between hotels or guest houses, but leaving you to your own devices to ride the route.

    Sort of route I would be interested in would be like this

    but not really interested in taking part in an event like that, would rather do something where we can stop in villages for coffee and cake etc. But we do want to be covering a decent mileage and hitting some of the famous cols.

    any suggestions or recommendations?

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    bump as I got no reply’s last night.

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    Might not quite be long enough distance for you, but you’d be free to do your own routes, is

    Go to some fantastic parts of Europe, although the routes generally avoid the biggest mountains.


    I looked into this and found nowt. (Same as pyrenees) The nearest I found was
    Alternatively, take a non-biking friend to do the driving.

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    Not the Alps but I know a company that does it in Andalucia if you end up casting your net further!

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    Used these in 2005 to ride in The Alps. They took our stuff ahead, often met us in the middle of the day.

    New owners since 2010 so may be a few changes since I went:

    Bike Adventures


    not sure on who I would do it with but that route looks fabulous 🙂

    We`re just setting this up for the Pyrenees and will be offering guided and non-guided road tours both trans Pyrenees and in specific locations in the Pyrenees. I´m literally writing the webpage just now and am waiting to agree pricing.

    We´re working with a local road guide so I don´t have to get lycra´d up and shave my legs!

    Give Skedaddle a ring & tell then what you’re after.
    Really nice helpful people who will do what they can for you.
    Tell them Dave Saunders recommended them,

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    Blimy. That’s not exactly the most direct route for a Transalp.

    Might be worth looking at (probably in “Reisen, Routen und Reviere”)
    There’s often people looking for, or asking about, luggage/bike shuttle for Transalp rides, plus other riders to join groups etc.

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    @Doug, post back when its done so I can check it out.

    a couple of friends of mine have set up velovation, based out of morzine, but go to a lot of the big cols. check out their stuff – mark is a super super guy. if they’ve not got what you want, have a chat to them – am sure they will be flexible.

    support the little guys!

    if you do, tell him muchbetter tom sent you 🙂

    @MSP, I said I´d post back when I had the detalis up on the website. As of now we are organised. Proper road guide so not just me in lycra 🙂

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