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  • Bicycle commuters…how far is your commute?
  • Premier Icon hardtailonly

    10km each way direct, but as that involves a lot of nasty busy roads, I hardly ever do the direct route unless in a hurry. Most days, it’s at least 13km for a direct-ish but more pleasant commute, but invariably I’ll extend to anything between 15km and 30km at least one way. Try to keep off the roads and use parks, cycle lanes, urban cheek and trails where I can …


    Premier Icon Daffy

    19 (usually windy) miles each way with 1000ft of climbing on the way in and 1300ft on the way home.

    I do it 2-3 times per week dependent upon dropping off the kids school/nursery drop offs. It usually equates to about 4500-6000 miles per year.

    I too don’t cycle when it’s likely to be icy. I also don’t cycle if the wind speed is over 25mph. It just sucks all the life out of your day.


    Earlswood to Banbury about 48 miles each way, far too far to ride both ways so I catch the train from Solihull to Warwick, ride in then ride home. Summer only and only once per week.


    Fastest route is about 7 miles but I usually take a longer mostly off road route which is about 9.5 just because it’s less stress and danger. My previous commute was 13 miles with more hills and definitely got me fitter.
    It makes a big difference if you have shower and changing rooms at work so you can get a sweat on on the ride but not stink the place out.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    12ish each way, bit over 400ft climbing
    nice quiet roads for the vast majority, and about 2 miles of farm track in the middle, with a nice river alongside. SO much nicer than the car-based alternative and only a bit longer time.

    17.5 miles each way it’s pretty flat and either on quite roads or cycle paths. I do it everyday all year round. In fact in the summer I often take the MTB and it goes up to more like 30-35 miles home as i go the long way through the forest.
    I’m lucky to have secure, covered cycle storage and showers with lockers to use.
    It’s often not that nic in winter but the right clothes make a huge difference, that and slipping past all the cars stuck in queues and road works.

    Premier Icon mick_r

    7-8 miles each way shortest route. Was doing 4 days a week but drove all last week / this week trying to shake off a bad chest. Gradually evolving into no excuses bike mode – full mudguards, proper dynamo lights, fatter 700C tyres and Alfine hub.

    Premier Icon DezB

    13 miles is ok, my old job used to be that, I usually did it 3 or 4 times a week, never on a monday cos I played 5-a-side, so used to take change of clothes in that day. The only downside is it’s usually an hour plus, what with getting changed etc.
    New commute is 7.5 miles in, 9 miles+ home (take different routes) and I can do it 5 days a week.

    Premier Icon jeffl

    15 miles each way. Normally try and do it 2-3 times a week.


    Only 3.7kms here, It’s just a touch too far to warrant walking and barely worth getting sweaty for but I can’t bring myself to use the car for such a paltry distance plus we started being charged for parking. A few years back I was doing 19kms which meant much earlier mornings as I was starting at 7am

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    16 miles each way with numerous options as to route – busy but fast main roads (done on my SS road bike), quieter but much hillier options (done on a geared road bike or my CX) and various off-road possibilities centred around canal towpaths which can only be done in good weather when it’s been dry for a while (CX bike).

    Can also combine train & bike with some forward planning as the trains are usually rammed at rush hour so it needs some thought in order to actually get the bike on the train! Or drive which can be anything between 40 mins – 2hrs depending on traffic. Riding is 1hr on the fast option, about 1’20” on the towpath.

    Can’t do it every day though, I’d end up bored and wrecked by the weekend!

    Premier Icon fatmax

    5 miles each way, and never miss a day. Love it.

    Premier Icon jonm81

    24 miles each way but I only do it once a week and have been slacking off the last few weeks and driving a bit of the way then cycling the rest.

    About half is on an old railway path with quite roads for the rest (apart from 2 miles through Sandford which is horrendous). An alternative is though Wareham Forest which puts most the ride offroad and is about the same distance. There is only about 200m climbing in the whole ride so it’s very flat.

    I do it singlespeed on a PX London Road with proper dynamo lights so there is hardly any prep or maintenance to do.

    Mine is 12 miles each way, half road, half scenic cycle path and I love it! I aim to ride a minimum of 3 times a week, going up to 4 when I’ve got the energy. I need at least one day off both to rest and to change my clothes over so I don’t have to carry anything in. Start off 1-2 days a week and gradually add an extra journey here and there.

    I would also recommend having two sets of cycling kit or at least bib shorts, leave one at work then after each commmute jump in the shower with it still on and leave to dry overnight whilst using the other set on the way home.

    It’s the best form of commuting without a doubt, enjoy!

    Premier Icon alanw2007

    Just changed office so 6.5 km each way became 4 km each way! Happy with that.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    25 miles each way, tends to taper across the summer, I might manage a few weeks of 4 days in the summer but only once a month in December. Working away a lot is the killer, ive hardly been in the office since Dec 1st, won’t be back till mid April so have to make the most of the chance to ride, but then it still takes a few months to get fit again.

    No showers at work either, just a flannel at the sink and a clean pair of pants!

    Think of it less as a commute and more as a bike ride in its own right. It takes an hour to drive in the morning and often more to get home so 1h30-2h on the bike depending on bike/route is getting me at least 3hours riding, for the price of 1 (that would inevitably be spent hitting snooze in the morning or watching the news if my oh wasnt working from home that day in the evening).

    Premier Icon lunge

    12 miles each way, generally 3 days per week, though one of those might be ran instead.

    It’s actually not much slower than the train and is quicker than driving so I do it year round.

    Premier Icon lowey

    15 miles each way. I’d like to do it about 3 times a week, but I’m out of the office quite a lot and need the car.

    Its a far nicer way of getting to work that the M60. Even with all the close passes, left hooks etc.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    I used to do 15 miles each way through town and then country roads, rolling but not mega hilly. That was a considerable time commitment, with a shower necessary after each leg. 3-4 days a week plus MTB on a Wednesday, kept me fit as a fiddle.

    Now do 6 just miles each way, just through town. Don’t need to shower so not much more of a time commitment than the car.


    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    but I’m out of the office quite a lot and need the car.

    I have that problem too, and the 45p/mile is a significant chunk of my take home pay as my car is now well past the end of the depreciation curve.
    But then I worked out that the money saved commuting by bike offsets the mileage anyway. So as long as I drive on the right days >50% of the time (easy enough, half the time I know in advance I’ll be out of the office) I’m quids in even if I miss a few and have to take the work van to a job.


    If I mountain bike:
    8km of Singletrack, about 25 minutes downhill. 40 minutes home.

    On the road bike:
    5km. 11 minutes door to door to work, 20 minutes home.

    I live 250m up a hill above town.



    Yesterday was a ballache

    Rode in to work and first thing out of the blue I got an email that required my immediate attendance on the other side of town.

    Had to take the world’s shittest transit pick up.

    I’d still rather that than be forced to drive many miles every day.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    4 miles each way, but wouldn’t mind if it was longer.

    6 miles each way. Good distance but not too much fun as through city centre roads soaking up lorry, bus and car fumes. Not many other route options to take but can add a couple of miles to avoid some road sections. Don’t do that too often though as usually just want to get home!

    Used to do it 3-4 times a week but now everyday as we are down to one car.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    12 miles ish each way, about 1000ft of climbing each way, this is all road.

    8 miles each way if on the canal/MTB. 200ft of climbing.

    I’m pleased if i do it twice a week but often 1 day a week or not at all.

    Hope to try for three days a week when it gets a tad dryer.

    Premier Icon benp1

    Mine is 10 miles in, 275ft and mostly done on fast roads (more down than up and I’m in quite early)

    But it’s 11 miles home as its slightly more uphill (550ft) and I take a quieter route.

    Not bad considering from a London surburb into Central London. I do it most days, basically when I don’t have evening plans. Although I’m on the tube at the moment as I’ve done my neck in

    Premier Icon scaled

    That sounds perfect, mine is only 11k and pan flat, i spend as much time getting changed and ready as I do riding. I wish work was further away tbh


    5 miles each way is the shortest route I can take. Every single day rain shine or snow.


    I used to do 17mi each way on quiet country roads (50min or so). 3-4 days a week was enough – it’s a great way to fit some exercise into the working day but I’d tend to drive on Fridays.

    If you drive in at least one day a week, you can drop all of your kit for the week off and pick up your washing, so you can travel light. I just rode with a jacket, phone and bank card in my back pocket each day. Left my lock etc. at work.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    Up to 11 miles in depending which site I’m at, usually 6/7 miles back to get home in good time.

    I ride in whenever I can, even in minging weather.

    Premier Icon benp1

    My problem is that with a 21 mile round trip, my legs seem to feel regularly tired. It’s not particularly far but it’s a heavy set up (marathon plus tyres, rack, guards, D lock, bag etc) so after 4 days of it my legs are really feeling it.

    Strangely, I’m not really sure it’s particularly good training either. However, it keeps me fit enough to go on an MTB ride and it’s better than the tube, there’s also very little time penalty for doing it

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    i used to commute Wantage to Didcot every day. On route 544 it was 11.5 miles door to door but if I popped up to the Ridgeway it was around 15 miles but with more climbing. Never been fitter.

    Premier Icon edhornby

    6 miles each way including some walking of kids to school, no option to extend unfortunately as all urban and childcare prevents

    year round and 5 days a week

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Mine’s a minimum 18 miles each way, mostly quiet lanes but some busier stretches.  Usually ride it once a week as I do other sports on some evenings, but those times change in summer so I can commute twice a week.  Don’t do it in ice or strong winds, and persistent heavy rain is also a disincentive – my main focus is riding because I enjoy it, not to prove a point.  The direct route takes about an hour home, slighly longer in due to the hill profiles.  In the summer II’ve got loads of options to extend it to ~30 miles home, all on nice quiet lanes.


    Strangely, I’m not really sure it’s particularly good training either. However, it keeps me fit enough to go on an MTB ride and it’s better than the tube, there’s also very little time penalty for doing it

    Most commuters i see are sitting in z3 trying to get there as quick as they can without puffing them self out

    I saw large gains when i sat back and held z2 to work for the most part keeping my night rides and weekend rides for my z3-4-5 rides.

    prior to that i was just a medium pace diesel with one pace which going at my Z3 pace to work and back – whcih was sustainable all week but not giving me any positive other than junk miles on the bike.


    My current commute is 7 miles each way – takes just under 30 minutes regardless of direction

    My general rule of thumb is anything under 10 miles is doable every day – I regularly do my 7 mile commute 5 days a week

    Previous cycling commutes I’ve done have been 2 miles, 4 miles and 16 miles. I found the later I could only do 3-4 days a week as it tired me out too much for leisure riding.

    Premier Icon snotrag

    Never done it at the current job, which is getting to me – I used to love a bike commute.

    I love my job but the commute is about 18 miles, from one side of town to the other. Its about as bad as you can get for a bike – no cycle lanes, awful snarled up roads, massive junctions, I know the area well but there is no obvious, easy, or workable ‘cycle’ friendly route. Coupled with no facilities for a wash, or lockers for my kit, really has put me off – its a great shame, as I have the perfect bike and would love to do it!

    Premier Icon sirromj

    I saw large gains when i sat back and held z2 to work for the most part keeping my night rides and weekend rides for my z3-4-5 rides.

    Z2 is what I aim for too. In general principle at least. Then if I’m feeling energetic, I’ll add in spurts of Z4, usually off-road trying to find the roudy* lines of local farm tracks, or urban trial-side jibstacles**.

    * mole hills on a rigid bike.
    ** hopping up and down kerbs

    Just over 13 miles each way for me. 5 days a week, rain or shine (and I’m in sunny ascotland!)

    Have showers, lockers etc at the office which makes it doable. Shoes and suits never come home, just rotated through the dry cleaner. Monday morning I take shirts and underwear in a rucksack, dirty stuff home Friday. Rest of the week I don’t carry kit.

    Decent Mudguards are a must.

    Protein shake as I get to my desk staves off aching muscles.

    Full Carbon proper road bike; winter wheels run Schwalbe Duranos, summer wheels run GP5000 tubeless. Bike gets a proper clean and service every Saturday morning.

    Still a regular on the Sunday club ride plus Thurs eve club runs in summer.

    Important thing is to enjoy it. Decent bike and decent clothing are vital.

    Premier Icon njee20

    I agree that it’s not great training if you’re actually wanting to train for something. If you just want to be a bit fitter then commuting is great, easy miles! Basically it’s better than not riding, but structured training would likely be more effective minute for minute. Depending on the route you may be able to do that too of course.

    13 miles is perfect IMO, I used to do the same and really miss it. Sub-zero temperatures were the only thing that stopped me, it was great.

    Mine’s 48 miles, from Sussex into Central London. For obvious reasons I rarely do the full thing, and when I do I get the train home. Only once done both ways in one day. I try and drive half and ride half (ish – 22 miles) at least once a week in winter and twice in summer, and usually manage it! In summer I park at the foot of Boxhill and ride in over the Downs which is 30 miles and is lovely.

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