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  • Bicycle commuters…how far is your commute?
  • Premier Icon smogmonster

    Im interested on how far people ride bikes to work as a daily commute. I’ve been offered a new job which is 13 miles from my house, pretty flat, and fairly nice lanes to ride through. I intend to cycle commute, which is one of the attractions (at least for the majority of the year, i’ll likely drive in the Winter)….but wonder if anyone else does a daily commute of this distance?

    Premier Icon simondbarnes

    29km each way. Been doing it 2-3 times a week since the start of the year (except when icy) although I sometimes use my e-bike. Would like to do 3-4 times a week when it’s lighter / warmer. Moved last year, used to have a 45km each way commute which was a bit of a chore, new commute is much nicer.

    I do seven miles and find that manageable during the winter, although I do wuss out if it’s pouring when I leave in the morning. It helps that it is only marginally quicker to drive it.
    At my pace and traffic 13 miles would be about a fifty to sixty minute ride.

    Premier Icon P20


    used to find 10-12miles was most I’d be prepared to do on a semi-regular basis around 12hr shifts


    That was the distance of mine – 3 – 4 days per week. Not flat, about 360m of ascent in the ride there and back. I’m sure there are some here who do more.


    16 miles each way with a fairly big hill in the middle. 3-4 days per week is ok. Love it!!

    Premier Icon joshvegas

    26miles each way.

    Once a week last july then i lost interest 😁

    Premier Icon ta11pau1

    Current job is 2 miles each way, new job in a few weeks will be 13 miles each way.

    I don’t cycle every day, have the backup of a car, and in the new job due to early shifts I’ll probably just cycle every other week, again with the backup of a car for bad weather.

    15 hilly miles each way. 2-3 times a week, anymore than that and it just becomes a ballache. Quite often stick another 20 miles on Friday afternoon if I can be arsed.

    Not that pleasant a route for me though busy rural a roads, so pootle through flat lanes might be more appealing more often

    Premier Icon woody2000

    9.5 miles each way, 300m or so of climbing. Usually manage it 2 days out of 4 a week.


    6 miles each way direct, but i do 10 miles each way to keep my mileage up.

    been doing this for 35 years.

    i must be mad

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    13 miles each way, that Londonso flat.

    I’m massively unfit though so would be buggered if I did it every day at the moment.

    Premier Icon robbo1234biking

    6.5 miles each way. 25 mins in the morning (downhill) and 30 mins in the evening (uphill). It is through the centre of Derby and along the river. Not too bad really. Can do it 5 days a week but won’t this week as 50mph winds are not fun!


    8 miles here – usually go the longer way which makes it closer to 10, but in decent weather go the “nice” way which is 12 ish – all routes fairly undulating.

    I personally would not worry about a 13 miles flat commute – either take it easy and cruise in, or occasionally ride it hard / go the long way to get a training ride in.


    16 flat miles each way, mixture of cycle track and quiet-ish roads. Takes an hour give or take 5 mins. Been doing it regular for about 6 years now and I aim for an average of half my commutes by bike. Might do it 4 times one week then 1 the following etc. It spoils my weekend riding if I do it too much though and I’m fighting tired legs instead of smashing out a good pace. I’m generally stopped by a horrible headwind on the way home or a crap nights sleep.

    Premier Icon winston

    15 miles each way with one big hill in the middle. Mixture of on and off road over the south downs.
    Currently only twice a week as it takes too long for me to be later home every night when kids need to be taken places etc. I can pick my days though and if its turned proper nasty over the day can always jump in the works van and drive home! Love it and would do it every day if I could

    Premier Icon sirromj

    4 miles each way direct (forget about the exhaust-filled actual direct route) 5 days a week, pretty easy, enough options to take different routes home, still enjoy it after roughly 5 years, had a fun muddy xc ride home today.

    9 kms each way everyday come rain or shine. I also get 23 euro cents per km tax free for doing so, which makes it a little bit easier.

    Premier Icon IHN

    21 miles each way, fairly flat, aim (ha!) to do it once a week.

    Previous one was ten miles each way, did it every day, all year.

    It doesn’t rain as much you think in this country, and cold is just about clothing.

    Premier Icon twistedpencil

    7.5miles each way, pretty flat, it’s the only way I’ll go into the office now, even if I’m on site in the morning I’ll drive home and ride in to save sitting in traffic at the end of the working day.

    I have a spare set of gear at work if I get soaked on the way in, I’ve only used this once this year and that was last week.  Dodged today’s bad weather by being at a meeting 🙂

    Would happily double my commuting distance and ride in daily.

    Premier Icon w00dster

    About to move where it will be 12 miles each way, but 12 busy horrible miles. About 5 miles of busy A road leading to very busy city roads.
    My aim is to ride every day, but can imagine if it’s pouring down I won’t bother.
    Prior to this I did 5 miles daily, but that was good roads and cyclepaths so was enjoyable.


    About 5km each way if I take the short route, 8km if i take the fun/pretty route. I usually do the short route to work and the fun one home.
    My longest commute was Hove to Newhaven. It was fine on a good day, awful when the tide was up and the crosswinds got stronger.


    12 miles each way for me, with about 500 feet of climb each way….It’s mostly enjoyable 🙂

    Premier Icon devbrix

    Drive 26 miles from home to a free city park and ride and then get my Brompton out of the boot and cycle 3.5 miles to work come rain or shine or whatever the temperature. Miles quicker to get in and out of work than sitting in the city traffic jams and saves £300 a year on parking charges at work. Pretty flat so don’t change but judge what else I will need to wear depending on temperature mostly. Have a 25l Osprey backpack for laptop, iPad, lunch, spares and always have a full set lightweight waterprooofs packed.


    10 miles each way or 20-30 if the weathers nice and my legs want to play.

    Premier Icon 13thfloormonk

    12.5 miles, blessed with mostly cycle paths with a couple of miles on fast but (touch wood) relatively safe road.

    Hoping to up to 3 times a week, and/or include a loop of a local estate which has some decent hills and beautiful views of the Forth Rail Bridge.

    ~9 miles total per day, slightly longer and hillier route on way back, hopefully with a turbo session after a coffee or six before dinner.

    Premier Icon malv173

    Mine used to be 8.5 miles each way, but a job closer to home means it’s now only 3 each way! I have managed to find a few stair sets to turn it into the occasional urban freeride (in the loosest possible terms!) route.


    My current commute is 4 miles each way, very convenient and I can just ride in my office clothes. My longest commute was about 12 miles each way, so I’d say your proposed journey is doable, as long as you are organised, but don’t underestimate the effort of doing that regularly before and after a working day.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    6 miles each way but I usually extend it to double that

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    12 flattish miles each way. I’ll be honest, 4 times a week and I was knackered for any sort of big ride at the weekend. 3 was doable, 2 fitted in well with a big weekend ride and an evening pub ride with mates.

    Can only do it once a week now and wish I could do more.


    15 miles, flattish, long enough to make it worth getting changed for, not so long it’s a drag


    Only 5m for the last few years. I used to do a similar distance to what you’re pondering (14m) on mostly pleasant country lanes as a teenager. At first I got much fitter and enjoyed it but eventually decided it was too much and got a motorbike. During winter I basically had a permanent runny nose and tiredness. It came to feel like 225km/week of junk miles and I stopped riding extra at weekends. Much better doing it 2-3 times/week.


    125km round trip, only do it once a week April to September.

    Used to do the same distance you are proposing OP, it’s a great distance.

    20 Miles each way, 2-3 times a week, all year round

    If you have the time and a not too physical job its great. Its like going for a longish ride with a bit of work in the middle. Mentally its good, plenty of time to process thoughts and plan. Can eat loads. Sleep great.

    Main downside is the time it takes, jobs/ things that need doing often get put off till the weekend. I hate driving now though, so must like it

    Premier Icon nealglover

    10 miles each way roughly, fairly hilly.
    Done on an E-Cargo bike and mostly 5 times a week other than really shitty weather.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    I’ve done it before but once it gets up to an hour each way it can get a bit tiring to do each day.  eBikes change all that though and these days I’d be tempted to have one of those as well to give me options on days when I’m tired but don’t want to drive

    Premier Icon RichBowman

    10 flat London miles each way, on average 4 days a week. Have to admit I wimp out if it’s hoying it down (on the way in – I’m fine getting soaked coming home).


    23 miles each way. Car hit 200k miles and died. So I’ll be on the bike for the foreseeable!
    Having two bagels with peanut butter and Nutella for breakfast is one of the perks!

    Premier Icon richmars

    During the winter 11km each way, Rest of the year 24km each way. Mostly flat. The w

    longer ride is about 40% off road. Last year I cycled about 90% of the time,

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