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  • Bianchi Intenso 105 vs Cinelli Saetta vs. Cannondale Synapse Carbon
  • So after a long day riding up a 3000m Volcano on a rented Specialized Roubaix, I’m convinced I can get back on the bike after herniating a disc a year ago.

    Since I’ve always preferred long days out in the hills rather than group/club riding, and ride sportives rather than races (opening door for clichéd anti-sportive comments, I’m ready for them! 8) ) I’m quite happy to go for something a little more upright than my old CAAD9, although I did love that bike.

    The Bianchi is the leading contender, I’m a sucker for the brand and the finishing kit (105 with Fulcrum wheels) is all kit I’m happy with.

    The Cinelli is gorgeous to look at, and apparently handles a little faster than the average sportive bike, but I couldn’t get many details on the spec and Cinelli are a bit of an unknown to me.

    I can also get the Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5, looks great, similar spec to the Bianchi, and they offer a free fitting with the fancy jigs etc which might be interesting.

    Does anyone have any experience of the Bianchi or Cinelli?


    How about also considering a Wilier GTR – the frame geometry is between a race geometry and a sportive one, and they look gorgeous: Wilier GTR 105

    Also you could consider a Trek Domane with the elastomer bit between top and seat tube.

    I’ve been looking at similar bikes – test rode the Cannondale Synapse which had a lovely comfortable ride and was smooth over some cobbles, but it had very wide bars which made it feel a bit too comfortable compared with other bikes I tried (Wilier above and Focus Cayo Evo).

    I also looked at a few Bianchis (my current bike is a Bianchi and I was really hoping I could buy another one) but to be honest I thought some of the finishing looked a bit cheap, including on some of their higher end bikes – for example the logos etc on the Sempre just looked like transfers stuck on to the frame and looked like they could easily peel off over time.

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    The new Canyon Endurance looks interesting.
    Endurance CF

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    Gotta be Italian Ian!. Try looking at a used bike? I picked this up off pinkbike classifieds for 750 and it’s absolutely mint.


    Nice predicament you are in, all lovely bikes.
    There is no right or wrong answer here , but I would buy the Cinelli.
    Long and interesting history and Italian cool.

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    I’m convinced I can get back on the bike after herniating a disc a year ago.

    I’ve always preferred long days out in the hills


    Have you considered a triple front chainset?

    Probably less back strain on steeper sections and will help if you’ve lost any ‘bike fitness’ in the last year.


    Isnt the Saetta a badged up generic “open mould” frame? Whether thats an issue or not is for you to decide, but it puts it technically on a par with some of the cheap mail-order-direct stuff, but with a premium badge and name.

    Didnt the Syapse 5 win BOTY?


    The Cinelli is made from Columbus tubing for a start, who happens to own Cinelli now.
    Doubt it’s open mould or generic, but made in China like 90% of any international brand.
    It’s nice to be out on the road with something different from the Dales,Giants Spesh Trek etc.
    Nice reviews regarding the frame on the web, here is one from Cycling weekly

    Daccordi is worth a look too.


    nobeerinthefridge got a bit of a bargain there 😀

    and he’s got a point – if you’re willing to shop around, you can find something absolutely mint n the classifieds and maybe get something even nicer than the one’s you’re looking at (I’m always a bit reluctant to go for secondhand carbon though)


    I’ve had a Cinelli Willin for a few years now, a slightly racier bike than the Saetta, but I love the brand. Colombus tubing, something a bit different and a funky brand with lots of heritage.

    The Saetta got good reviews when it came out, so I’d have that, but mostly because I’m a fan of the brand. No idea what the finishing kit on it is like. If you’re put off by having a more niche frame go for the Bianchi. Heritage, solid frame, good kit. Sorted.


    My assumption with Cinelli is you’re paying a lot for the brand. As such the Bianchi or the Cannondale would be at the front. I have a Synapse and I love it so I’d buy another one.

    sputnik, cheers. I dont have any issue with Chinese-made (I’m quite certain my Lapierre is) but had a memory of reading the Saetta and the Colnago Ace were “open mould”, obviously not.

    Bugger, typed out a big reply then lost it.

    Re: shopping around, I’m buying in Vancouver where the exchange rate is currently very favourable, so will probably be buying new.

    I’ve found a shop which amazingly only seems to sell Italian/French carbon fibre racing bikes, so Cinelli, Bianchi, Willier and Look. The Cinelli is actually cheaper than the Bianchi and the Willier GTR is more expensive again, plus they currently don’t have any in the store. I would definitely have considered it otherwise.

    They don’t sell De Rosa unfortunately, I’ve always had my eye on that brand, especially their steel frame!

    Not really very moved by Trek or Canyon, I don’t mind paying a bit more for a brand I like that might stand out a little in the pro-sportive peloton! 😀

    The Cannondale costs the same as the Cinelli, i.e. $200 cheaper than the Bianchi. I do like Cannondale but I think it was really the old CAAD9 frame I loved, and any aluminium models they do now either come with disc-brakes (a huge deal breaker for me) or are the cheaper CAAD8s, which I’m not entirely against but I can afford nicer.

    Hadn’t noticed any cheap finishing on the Bianchi, might take a closer look. Would really have liked the Veloce equipped Intenso but unfortunately they don’t import that one.

    I think I’ll be OK with the gearing, I winched up Haleakala on Maui with a compact setup, although I did grovel up the last few miles in the lowest gear. No strain on my back that I could detect.

    I know the spec of the Cannondale and Bianchi and both are almost identical, I don’t know if I prefer the Bianchi’s Fulcrum wheels over the Cannondale’s Shimanos, I think I’d be happy with either. The Cinelli website is a bit vague on spec.

    I’ll go pester the very sexy sales assistant again at lunchtime, I think it will boil down to which paint job I prefer between the Cinelli and the Bianchi!

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    There’s a lot more bianchi bikes around here than cinelli, if you want to stand out in the Scottish sportives Ian.

    Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking Greg, another point in favour of the Cinelli.

    Only drawback is that the Cinelli would be a special order and I would have to commit before having ridden it. I might see if they would be willing to order it for me if I promised that I would be buying either the Bianchi or the Cinelli, that way they definitely get a sale out of it.

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    Tell them you’ll stick a few hundred dollars down as deposit, and that you’ll defo buy one? Should be fine with that.

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