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  • PeaslakeDave

    I’ve just signed myself up for the British Heart Foundation’s South Downs Way ride in July which is 100 miles off road in one day with between 10,000 and 13,000ft of climbing in. I am guessing that it is going to be the most physically demanding thing that I have ever done but it’s hard to comprehend quite what it will be like. Has anyone on here done it before or is anyone doing it this year? It seems like a great challenge that I can work to achieve and I’m looking forward to it!

    Link to BHF page


    You’re unlikely to die of heart failure, surely?

    No, seriously, you’ll be fine.
    Plenty of time between now and then to build up. You need moderate fitness, but perhaps more importantly, some hours in the saddle so you get used to long rides… 12 hours is a lot.

    It’s totally brilliant – you’ll love it.


    If you can, try riding some sections of the course before the big day so you know what’s coming. If you look at the route from Winchester to Eastbourne you will see that the last 35 miles have several big climbs which will be a test at the end of a long day in the saddle.

    I’ve only done the middle section myself but I will have to do the full route sooner or later.

    Van Halen

    I’m also doing this. So you’ll not be the least fit. I can’t remember the last time a did a proper ride! Save me a jelly baby for my time of need and i’ll give you some haribo.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    keep eating, keep drinking, keep turning the pedals. And don’t forget to enjoy the views.

    I did it in a day for the first time last year, and it was a brilliant day out. I didn’t know how I’d get on either, but was reasonably confident about coping with a slog.

    After 30 miles I thought “I’m quite tired, 30 miles is a decent ride. If I’d come out to do 30 miles, I’d be quite happily tired.”

    After 50 miles: “I’m quite tired, 50 miles is a bloody decent ride. If I’d come out to do 50 miles, I’d be quite happily bushed.”

    After 70 miles: “I’m quite tired, 70 miles is a bloody long way on these hills. If I’d come out to do 70 miles, I’d be pretty chuffed and quite deservedly knackered.”

    We kept on pedalling, kept on eating and drinking, the miles kept disappearing behind us, until we ended up at dusk at Eastbourne train station.

    Knackered and happy, 7 miles bike ride to do when we got back to London. My arse hurt, so I did most of it standing up, but I cruised up the hills, and after I got myself in a tricky spot when some lights changed, had no problem sprinting away for a few hundred yards.

    Absolutely amazed with myself.

    Every now and then you find yourself way beyond lines in the sand you’ve drawn for yourself. Great feeling!

    Good luck!

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