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  • Best/Worst purchase in 2012?
  • Premier Icon MikeG

    Best: A Boardman CX team

    Worst: (not really a purchase though) finding the shed empty a couple of weeks ago, 5 bikes gone 🙁 the insurance are paying up but the boss has put in a limit of n=1


    Keeping the bike in the house now?

    Premier Icon MikeG

    new best: giant anthem x1 in the sales 🙂

    yes it will be living in the house (until the garage the rest of the insurance money is paying for is built anyway)

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    best: It’s a toss up between my Boardman full susser and my kookaburra hockey stick. Both were great value for money, get used a lot and bring me joy as they are just right for what i’m doing.

    worst: the elixir 3’s that came with my boardman which are about to be replaced by XT’s

    (if anyone wants a bargain set of elixirs please PM me)

    Oops, was being sarcastic, internet fail there. I feel like that when I play though.

    I do have some music on soundcloud if you’re interested though.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Not a road bike, but has very much mostly been used on the road (its the Cyclescheme rules!) Love it’s comfort, hate the brakes, have stuck a 50tooth ring on now.

    Worst… er, new bearing kit for my Yeti, cos I haven’t used it since I fitted them 🙁



    Cheap tyres on my car. Lesson learnt


    Best – un opened Durex comdoms. Better half 8 months gone and can’t wait 4 the little 1 to arrive (29th Jan).

    Worst – Slimline Beko dishwasher. Pump went within a week, multiple phone calls and 3 weeks later 2nd 1 arrives. Salt pot never work and made all my cultlery as rusty as a badly maintained chain. 3 weeks later dishwasher repaired. 1 week after on/off switch breaks.




    They were actually a very well meaning present but whoever came up with the idea that putting a conducting pad on the fingertip of a glove was a good idea was a cretin. They conduct the cold in so well your hands actually get colder than without them and they are still useless for using a touch screen.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Best, has to be the Bionicon Supershuttle, paid £1200 new for it… Sold for £1000, bought back for £800… sold for £850 again. Reason it was the best…. well, in the Alps it was truely a superb machine… handled exceptionally… rode brilliantly…

    Worst, has to be the Bionicon Supershuttle…. it had a weird knocking which meant it spent more time in the Bionicon reps shed than in my hands. It had numerous parts fitted, replaced and changed.. however it still had this knocking in the shock…. It meant i was never really happy with the bike and we never bonded.


    Best – Paralympic tickets

    Worst – fekkin iPad



    Evoc freeride pack. Comfy, loads of space.
    Mavic Deemax…. Nice light times that look the part.
    Boardman FS for the GF. Bargain bike – paid £850 – that reformed brilliantly till it got stolen from our basement six weeks ago.
    New SLX brakes for the GF. So much less faff than the Avid offering. Sadly they were attached to the Boardman.
    Maxxis HR2’s… So much tougher than the RQs.
    New DB Alpine frame.
    Train tickets to Saalbach and Vinschgau and the two weeks spent in each location with the bikes.
    Lidl bike stand for €28.
    Vaude water proof trousers.
    Sony Xperia phone.
    Japan saw – fine precise cuts.
    50year old Chesterfield sofa.
    150 year old dining table… Now sanded and oiled. Looks fantastic.

    Vaude winter gloves… Horrible yellow and not all that comfy on the bike.
    The top I bought the shitter, sorry, sister-in-law. It wasn’t black, dark blue or purple, not did it have some Dr. Who quote emblazoned on it. Nerd.
    Herbs for the balcony. Ended up with some sort of lice after a few weeks.
    Ikea candle with three wicks. Melted one side of the candle and pissed was all over the floor. Luckily the wax stopped just short of the Persian rug.


    Best is a tie between either this frame or my awesome xmas jumper

    Not sure about worst but I did get a disappointing sandwich for lunch from tesco the other day.

    edit – actually worst has to be the Shimano SLX brakes. Utter shit and I won’t recommend them to anyone. Wouldn’t recommend Rose customer service either, it was terrible and I won’t be using them again.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Best – old touring caravan. Already paid for itself with some excellent weekends away and a couple of weeks in the summer AND its going to be on a pitch at Glenmore for the whole of the summer 🙂

    Worst – GoPro – too much faff = not enough use.

    Worst 1st: valley Etain. Tippy unturnable barge.

    Swapped for best: pyranha fusion. Everything the Etain isn’t.



    Can’t remember when I got them but my Formula The One brakes have been ace. Expensive but the longer they keep working brilliantly without me having to mess about with them the better value they seem.


    Probably a Behringer bass synth pedal that sounded cool but stopped working pretty quickly.

    Worst was a holiday with AQR.
    Never met such a boring guide in my life. Rode past loads of great looking trails only to be told “we don’t ride those trails as they’re a bit dangerous”.

    He’d obviously just done an evaluation of your capabilities and decided they were too dangerous for you. 😉

    joint 1st: Tranny TransAm and a Primus Commuter Cup.
    my fav ride so far and & a still hot post-ride coffee in the car park.


    Worst: Stella Artois. Reassuringly cheap, tastes acceptable, always leaves me with a headache. Damn you Inbev UK ltd and your belgian pasteurised mass produced golden pilsner.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Yes grum of course he did. 😆

    You should know what he’s like you’ve ridden with him and not enjoyed it that much haven’t you.

    He did take us on one nice trail that ended up at the hospice de france but recond he’d didn’t use it much as it was too techy.
    As mrs ssstu rode 95% of it i’d have to dissagre. 😆


    Yeah I enjoyed the day I did but the riding itself wasn’t very exciting. My missus got some good skills coaching from Kate though and the scenery was great.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    the riding itself wasn’t very exciting.

    It would have been fine if we were just out on a local ride.
    But a massive letdown while in the mountains. 😐

    Boba Fatt

    Best: £10 wellies for taking the dog out. Obviousley I was always too cool for wellies but annoyed me that my jeans kept getting soggy around the bottom. best tenner I ever spent and I even jumped up and down in a puddle to celebrate 😀

    Worst: Bit of a combination of the copy of Black Ops 2 that my brother in law got me for Xmas and my x-box that just 5 minutes ago decided to chew a bloody great groove out of. More pissed off that my BIL spent 40 quid on it and now it’s useless.


    Best – marzocchi marathon r forks; needed some forks fast (and cheap) after i broke my duel air reba’s. Didn’t have time to trawl the classified etc. Fitted to my Soul and they are mint! set to 120mm and they slash all over the reba’s.

    Worst – some Endura thermal type 3/4 bibs, for a scrawny lad like myself the chamois is so big it’s like having a second arse fitted. Can only be worn for shorts runs as they make things so uncomfortable. I won’t be relying on Endura’s excellent customer services when these prematurely self destruct.



    2J8A5013.jpg by Lodious, on Flickr

    Not too expensive and loads of different Fender tones.


    Old El Paso Fajita mix..yuck.


    Best – Show Magic

    Worst – Show Magic!

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