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  • Best Wii games for 4 yr olds?
  • johndoh

    Just ‘won’ a Wii + 3x controllers, 2 x steering wheels, Wii Fit board, gun, 3 x nunchucks etc on Ebay (£41 – bargain) but it doesn’t have any games with it.

    So – was thinking about getting really simple games for the kids to play (they have played Wii Sports briefly and they got on okay with that).

    So – what ‘must have’ titles (suitable for 4 yr olds) to look out for?



    family ski
    star wars is hilarious even though we have no idea of what we are meant to be doing!
    sports resort
    and understand mario cart is very good

    Premier Icon binners

    MarioKart is a must. The kids love it. You will find hours of your own life going missing too. Its brill! My kids can spend hours on the bowling on WiiSport. They get really competitive over the most strikes!

    Oh… and Just Dance is always a winner. I can sit there laughing like a drain watching my two and their mates on that! Its hilarious!! 😆

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin

    Thud (4) loves Mario Olympics 2012, Sports Resort and Just Dance.
    He struggles with the control of carts in Mario Cart, but Thump (6) loves it – as do I.

    These can give a good workout on days when the weather is so mince we’re struggling to get out and about.


    Sports stuff good. Mario Kart proved too difficult for my daughter at 4 but put it away for a few months and try again (repeat) then before 5 she had mastered it. Mario Galaxy and the lego games care still tricky with the 3d and camera angles.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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