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  • Best way to lock bike with d lock…..
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    Use the shackle to loop around something solid, AND a frame tube.

    the cable can be handy for stopping small children walking off with your saddle, but that’s about it.

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    If you only intend to use one d-lock then put it through rear triangle, wheel rim, and the post you are locking it to.

    Consider at least using a cable to go to your front wheel.

    Oh and make sure the thing you are locking to is firmly attached to the ground and a scrote can’t just lift the bike off it.


    Sorry, another newbie question.

    I have a Voodoo Bizango…

    …and a Onguard Pitbull DT d lock….

    ….how’s best to lock the bike up? The way I thought of won’t work because of the size of the wheels, but I probably have the wrong end of the stick.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    1. Immovable steel object (not a sign post that you can take the sign off and just lift the bike up and off) – Sheffield stand or steel railings etc.
    2. Lock through frame and at least one wheel
    3. Try to fill all the space in the shackle
    4. Put the U-shaped end of the shackle against your frame – so that if they try and force/pop the lock all the stress goes on the frame and this deters thieves from stealing your bike using this method as it makes it worthless.
    4. Get a cable lock to secure front wheel and other parts.
    5. Avoid parking your bike in the same location.

    Oh and take a note of frame numbers and get it securoty marked by the Police.

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    and by ‘immovable’ do not trust that others have made it immovable

    my bike went on Sunday due to bad fitting of a Sheffield stand and a faulty magnetic lock on a shared door

    the chain and the D-lock were still attached, so neither wheel could be moved and the forks couldnt be detached from the frame…didnt stop em unbolting the sheffield stand from the concrete floor tho


    If you’ve not got a second lock or cable for the front wheel, depending on whether your lock’s long enough, consider taking the front wheel off and locking it alongside the frame / back wheel.

    It’s a bit of a faff, and I used to do it, but stopped at some point as couldn’t be bothered. I lost a front wheel a few weeks ago from an otherwise securely locked bike, which was considerably more of a faff…


    Cheers all, think I am sorted now.

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