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  • Best way to cook sea bass fillets?
  • Tonight’s main will be sea bass fillet served with cream and chive mashed potato with wilted spinach.

    What’s the best way to cook the fish – pan fried, in the oven in foil with some butter?

    Come on all you STW foodsters – tips please.


    Pan fried, skin side down first, in a little olive oil,butter. Season then turn when skin is crispy and finish with a good squeeze of lemon.

    Im hungry now!

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    Same method, except with a little bit of lime and chilli instead of lemon.

    Don’t forget a bit of salt and pepper on the fillets before you fry them.

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    Cook them pretty much all Tge way through skin side down then kill the heat, flip them and let then gently cook on the flesh side for a minute or 2. Lots of salt and pepper on the skin and a touch on the flesh.


    Have to say steaming keeps in all the flavour, did a whole seabass on the bone in a foil parcel last night with lemon sprinkled on it . Ace. Only takes about 30 minutes and no pans !

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    Whole bass, I usually bake in the oven with no foil on top.

    All the above suggestions are fine. For variations, you can pop them under the grill, skin side down, after seasoning and putting a bit of butter on. Don’t leave them too long and don’t bother turning over.
    I sometimes fry a bit of finely chopped onion/shallot with some mushrooms in a lot of butter, add the fish then pop in a bit of white wine and reduce. If the mood takes you, add some cream or even some stock. Home made fish or chicken is best, but I have used a lamb stock cube when nothing else was available, and it was lovely.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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