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  • Best value off the peg mountain bike?
  • samcamsdad

    Just been having a quick look on the interweb at new full builds, and there just seems to be a lot of very expensive bikes with average kit on them.
    The only exception being yt industry’s wicked.
    So what else is out there worth a look for good value?
    Any wheelsize, any price, as long as it will ride up, across, and downhills, and its good value for money.

    Premier Icon postierich

    Canyon Strive any of them!


    Surely you want a cheapo Halfords “BSO” then? That will do what a bike needs to do (it can be ridden by a human) and as you can buy them for about £80 is surely unbeatable in terms of VFM??

    Premier Icon roverpig

    It doesn’t matter how good the spec looks, if you buy a bike, hate it and try to shift it on then it’s going to be costly (i.e. bad VFM). Conversely, pretty much any bike will be good VFM if you love it and ride it for years.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Colleague of mine has a Voodoo Bizango, it is outrageously good for £600. Better than plenty of bikes i’ve ridden where the forks alone cost more than that.


    canyon strive looks very nice!


    The Decathlon looks like a Heckler to me.

    The Cannondale looks a bargain.

    have a ganda on crc,the vitus bikes

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Depends what you like and what you want.

    I want SRAM gripshift which means at least a shifter change and probably some mechs. Brakes all seem to be elixir on cheaper bikes which go on day 1 and generally bars are too narrow. So not much that is good value unless you can eBay take off parts well.


    Cube AMS Race – for the kit you get in them I couldn’t find anything else under £2k let alone even close in price


    I’ve got a voodoo bizango 29er. For £600 I just can’t fault it (well I can the saddle is shite). MBR hardtail of the year and overall bike of the year so others must like it too.

    Otherwise the rockrider above looks great in the flesh. As does the new boardman FS. The boardman 650b hardtail looks good value in comp trim too (£649).

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    As mentioned above a bike you’ll ride is “best”. I had a Canyon with XT/XO/etc and sold it on after a short while. My similarly priced but deore equipped and acronym free Fargo has taken me all over the shop. Don’t buy something just because it has fancier parts.


    Cube – anything they do. Great customer support in the UK too.


    Been very happy with my Rose (Granite Chief). Ace value for money, and great customer service from their UK rep.

    Looked at them Decathlons, can the rear shocks be changed on them to something lighter?

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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