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    I know we have the Schwable studded ones and the super fat Surley 5″ thingies.

    But what about your yer run of the mill tires?

    Would a 2.5 Big Earl be preferable to a 1.5 Mud Shark? Does it depend on the type of snow?

    Out for a quick ride/play this evening – which will tyre will cope best in a couple of inches of snow?

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    Trailrakers pumped up hard

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    My Trailrakers have been fine in snow in the past – may be commuting on them later in the week so I’ll check for you…..

    60a 2.5″ WetScreams @ 40psi.


    As for mud, but yes, no two snow rides are the same!

    You’re going to change your tyres even though it’s just a “quick ride/play this evening “…?

    You need to learn to ride!


    what tyres for my snowy commute?

    whatevers on the car at the time 😉 , a faff to change i find (pirrellis i believe)

    Continental Cross Country 1.5’s I find pretty good.
    They don’t seem to pick up the snow and seem to grip well, plus tons of clearance if it did start to clog up.

    always been tempted to get some 2.1 swampthings and a big bag of stainless self tapping screws.

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    had a play this morning

    2.1 schwalbe mud sharks, peeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrfiiiiiiiik!

    only slight slips came on tarmac whilst heavy front braking or turning uber tight, but then you’re just practising drifts right?


    I have owned allconmers in snow this winter. 😀 In normal conditions I’m mid pack. Been riding a 456 summer season with ghetto’d 2.35 60a swampthings.


    I found my Conti Survival Pros to work really well last night. I’d say riding me bike with those on, would be easier than walking, at the mo…

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    You’re going to change your tyres even though it’s just a “quick ride/play this evening “…?

    No I’m not going to change tyres, I have two bikes one with Big Earls fitted and the other sporting Mud Shark 1.5s so eat yellow snow, carrot nose!

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    Depends on the snow. If you’ve got more than 3″ of it, you want soft big tyres to ride above it – especally if it’s old. If it’s icy, then snow often hides ice so you’re in trouble without studs. If it’s shallow snow then it doesn’t matter really – muds are where it’s at.


    Bonty Mud x skinnies were good at lunch, might be a bit colder, tonight though, we’ll see.


    Best tyre for snow is the biggest tyre you’ve got at a very low psi eg. 10psi.
    Best tyre for ice is anything with metal studs.

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    Surly Large Margs

    Specialized All Conditions Armadillo 700×25 @ 100psi were fine for me today in the snow 🙂

    Off road I like something with plenty of volume run at low pressure, something like a conti diesel at 20ish psi.


    Bonty acx 29ers were good for me today


    Spesh Chunder 2.3 was gripping really well earlier. I still rode like a big girl though 🙂


    big volume preferable.

    my conti verticals seemed good today (perhaps this is what they ARE good at!!)


    Been out to mess about, took bike with 2.35? irc kujos on, starting at about 60psi, finsihing at about 20psi due to me not being bothered to fix slow punctures.
    makes no difference it seems as best way to stop is to lean bike over and crash in a big snow cloud – my other option was to hit the gate

    shall take out the ss with skinny 1.9 Maxxis on tomorrow for comparison


    Nokian Gazzaloddi Muds.

    Intense DH Mud 50 PSI were really good earlier on today.

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