best trail/s in Coed for one day ??

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  • best trail/s in Coed for one day ??
  • makkag

    Hey im sure that opinion will differ but i want to get some advice . im planning on Cannock Easter Friday then to Coed in the evening whole day in Coed then Sunday few laps of Climach-X before home ..

    Never been to Coed before – whats the best way to spend the day .. Beast ??

    Premier Icon ChrisL

    Probably the Beast, but skip the pointless fire road loop of pointlessness about halfway around. It’s just after the house/cafe that’s partway round and a quick look at a map will show you how a few minutes of steep road and fire road climbing can avoid a long, dull fire road climb and descent which doesn’t even have particularly good views.

    Premier Icon timmys

    Yep, what Chris said. There’s a cafe half way round but check it’s going to be open (Fri, Sat, Sun I think) before you rely on it.


    cheers chaps

    Premier Icon composite

    If you are going to do that just do the MBR and The Dragons Back, I think the Beast is essentially a mix of those 2 but misses some bits out?


    Check whether the final descent at Cli-Machx is open. Believe it was closed for logging.

    If closed head north to Penmachno

    Premier Icon MrGreedy

    ChrisL and timmys are on the money – the Beast is definitely the best way to spend a day there, with lunch at the halfway café if possible. Afterwards, carry on straight up the [steep] tarmac road then take the second fire road on the right to cut out a big unnecessary FR loop.

    [Pedant mode] Coed just means “wood” in Welsh so as you’d expect there are lots of riding spots with coed in their name – I hope we were all right in assuming you meant Coed y Brenin though?

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